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B Mak – M.O.A.T Album Review


b mak

B Mak, AKA,Makuza Mazzuki is multi-talented. He is mostly known for his acting, he plays Joshua on the popular local soap Zuba. Apart from acting, he is also an established rapper. Despite being in the rap game for a number of years, 2022 is the year he released his debut album entitled M.O.A.T (Mak Of All Trades).

“I’m like the 2012 slapDee / 2015 chefy / 2018 Bobby / Every year Jae Mulla,I’m a problem,you can not stop Me”Ambition

The album starts off with B Mak on a heartwarming phone call with his sons. This shows how vulnerable and open he allows himself to be on M.O.A.T. The intro sets the tone for the album, as he raps about family, and pushing through life’s challenges to achieve one’s goals, which are the main themes of the album. ‘Home’ is a beautiful track in which he, alongside T-sean rap about the importance of family. “Home is not a house / home is where the love is found / home is not a building but the people in the house / the ones that always hold you down / ones that will never desert you when you down and out / They believe in you without a doubt / and they’re the reason that you are who you are / Home is love”. If you have never heard B Mak’s music I would suggest listening to ‘Home’ as that is him at his best.
What stands out on M.O.A.T from the onset is the amazing production, the bulk of which was handled by Mohsin Malik. The features were equally excellent, an example is Elisha long on ‘Paradise‘, his vocals were mesmerizing and gelled brilliantly with strong verses by B Mak. The only feature that felt out of place was Umusepela Crown on ‘Truth V1 Ch1‘, their rapping styles did not mesh well on that song. Other featured artists include Macky 2, Brawen, Jorizi among others.
The lyrical content on the album covers a gamut of emotions. It can be described as an introspective and uplifting album.  In ‘Not Alone’ he tells his woman that he will always be there for her, and she does not have to face anything alone. Another uplifting song is ‘Ka Something‘. He raps about working hard to achieve your goals despite setbacks.
” This my life on the instrumental / how ironic everything I say is instrumental/impossible to make it in life with no incidental / I keep sugar with some water in case I’m given lemons” – Ka Something 

‘Wrecking time’ is a hustler’s anthem. Its hard-hitting beat produced by Mohsin Malik and tough lyrics will motivate you to work harder whether you are in the street, board room, gym, or anywhere in between.

Another strong track on the album is ‘Loyalty’, which asks the question of what is more important Love or loyalty? He argues that it’s easy to love someone when they are rich and famous, but when the chips are down would she still be loyal to him?

M.O.A.T (Mak Of All Trades) is a great introduction to the rapper side of B Mak. With this album, he proves that he is a force to reckon with in the Zambian hip-hop scene and beyond. Expect big things from him in 2023 and the years to come.

“And every day that I awake is an opportunity, I just gotta stay true to me / even though I walk through the valley of the shadow, I will fear no evil. I just gotta be great / even on my own / ima do it on my own / even if I’m on my own.”- Be Great

The album is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Rating 8 out of 10


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