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Brian Mundubile Urges President Hichilema to Strengthen Ties with China in Response to US Senator’s Comments


Brian Mundubile, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, has urged President Hakainde Hichilema to visit his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in order to strengthen the close relationship between Zambia and China. Mr Mundubile emphasized the importance of maintaining strong ties with China, given the significant support that the Chinese government has provided to Zambia, particularly in terms of infrastructure development. He pointed out that while President Hichilema has visited the United States several times since taking office, he has not yet visited China, despite its importance to Zambia.

Mr Mundubile’s comments were in response to a tweet by United States Senator Jim Risch, in which he praised President Hichilema for working to curb China’s “malign and predatory influence” in Zambia. This praise from the US Senator has caused concern among some in Zambia, who fear that it could jeopardize the close relationship that Zambia has with China. In response, Mr Mundubile stated that it is important for the Zambian government to reject any attempts by other countries to create divisions between Zambia and China. He emphasized that Zambia has a sovereign right to choose its own friends and partners, and will not allow any foreign nation to dictate its relationships.

Mr Mundubile pointed out the numerous infrastructure projects that Zambia has benefited from with the support of China, including roads and sports stadiums in Lusaka and the Copperbelt. He expressed concern that President Hichilema did not adequately address the issue of Zambia’s relationship with China during a recent press conference, and urged President Hichilema to prioritize a trip to China to meet with President Xi in order to address any concerns and reaffirm Zambia’s commitment to its friendship with China.

Furthermore, Mr Mundubile cautioned the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration to carefully consider the impact that any actions or statements regarding China could have on Zambia’s economic stability. He pointed out that Zambia is currently in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund for a loan, and that a significant portion of Zambia’s debt is held by China. Any insinuations or actions that could jeopardize the relationship between Zambia and China could also potentially jeopardize these negotiations and the economic plans of the UPND administration.

In conclusion, Mr Mundubile emphasized the importance of maintaining strong and positive relations with China, and urged President Hichilema to prioritize a visit to China to meet with President Xi in order to reaffirm Zambia’s commitment to this relationship. He also called on the UPND administration to carefully consider the impact of any actions or statements regarding China on Zambia’s economic stability and future prosperity.


  1. There more Zambian born Americans that describes to “LAND OF THE FREE
    HOME OF THE BRAVE.” GRZ embraces them. I’m writing this four in the morning. I have to go to work.

    And we stand with us, senator.

    • You stand with the US Senator, I do not, unless I misread you. HH needs to reach out to China and stop behaving is if the presidency is something he can do whatever he wants with. China has been on the side of Zambia since independence, and Hichilema cannot just come in and turn the country into a vassal of Washington. We need policy that independent of both Washington and Beijing. We need policy that leverages whatever good can come from either side. This is why it is time to create a second house of parliament, which will made of 2 members from each province. This house should have the right to ratify international treaties, so that HH or another president cannot just arbitrarily attach our military to whatever foreign country he decides

  2. Why are you trying to create a storm in a tea cup? Have the Chinese themselves made a statement in response to the comments? Most likely the Chinese realise that this was a statement made by an individual (Jim Hirsch) on his own behalf. They have more serious issues to worry about than mere political rhetoric from some American fellow and so does HH. Come to think of it, so should you Mundubile – if you aspire to lead this nation. By the way, if the Chinese were angels in their dealings with us, Zambian would be heaven – given how deeply entrenched you guys were with them. Move on from pettiness!!.

  3. Hh is a very dull man. You see just because you were successful at stealing during privatisation doesn’t make you a competent politician. Hh is obsessed with whlte people such that it affects his thinking. He lacks strategy in his decision making. What has the west done for poor Zambian apart from steal our resources to make their countries rich.

  4. The China east policy pursued by ECL and the PF put Zambia in serious debt problems. They recklessly led Zambia into Chinas debt trap.
    HH is taking a balanced approach like the late Levy Mwanawasa .
    Mwanawasa secured debt forgiveness from the west($8 billion) and also managed to get Chinese money for the two stadiums, Mongu-Kalabo road and Kafue lower gorge projects.
    HH needs to focus on rebuilding ties with the west.

  5. Funny enough the electric company HH and DRC president are talking about is owned a Chinese billionaire…..At every turn when you think you are safe you still bump into the Chinese.

    • Tarino surprise surprise, you asking me to elaborate?
      The EV battery deal was signed by HH and ET in Washington during their Master and Houseboys meeting. That is how the USA fits in the equation. While Biden is telling you not to deal with China, his son Hunter is busy working this Chines Billionaire. You see why we cannot move forward? We are being played by both sides….like trusting a soccer referee who has been bribed by the team you are playing against.

  6. These PF Presidential aspirants should just wait for their elections then speak with one voice at the moment its like dogs howling from one yard to the other . Remember we are in this sticky situation because of your reckless borrowing and overpricing of infrastructure.

  7. Africa…useless Politicians…why not strengthen ties with fellow African countries….why do African leaders always look outside the continent..this boggles my Mundubile also is an empty tin….LETS STRENHTHEN TIES WITH EGYPT CONGO TANZANIA MALAWI NIGERIA UGANDA ZIMBABWE GHANA BOTSWANA IVORY COAST SOUTH AFRICA NIGER MORROCCO AND ALL AFRICAN CONTRIES LETS FORGET ABOUT CHINA OR USA

    • @8 Grant Kolala, are the ties with these countries ” Strained” for us to be working to “straighten’ them?? Most of these countries are at the same of level of development like ourselves and may thus not offer us some of the help we need for example infrastructure financing which China is good at!!

  8. What has the Chinaman done for us, Sweet F All, they build airports and roads , dams ect but not for free, we are paying for them for many generations. Look at all those trucks daily taking copper out of Zambia to where ??? America no of course not China and the Chinaman buy it raw and manufacture it in China making great profits. We currently have a hunting season for lions, and other big game maybe time to add Chinaman to the list.

    • @9 Cosmos, with an Australian flag one would expect you to understand the importance of China to the global economy. The copper you are talking about is largely being taken by Western multinationals who are minting profits especially with tax breaks from the UPND government!!

  9. But Kaizar Zulu. You keep on barking and insulting others. Just like HH you are also a Malawian thief. How as a simple worker from Chawama managed to buy a plane and become so rich in such a sort period of time. You are all criminals and dirty merciless thieves. All these will dealt with by the coming progressieve and revolutionary goervernment.

    • 10 years is not a short period you farking dog. Do you know how many businesses I have and had even before I joined active politics? Eradicate your mind from poverty. You think like a poor azzhole. Work hard too and you will achieve what we have. If we stole why are we not convicted up to now?

  10. My friend Kaizar Zulu. Where did you ever witness thieves convicting fellow criminals.
    Things only get convicted when revolutionaris take over.

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