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Three armed robbers get away with $10 000 from the an Indian national house in Kitwe


Three armed robbers have stolen money and assorted items valued at K 429,800 after breaking into a house belonging to an Indian national on Christmas in Parklands, Kitwe on the Copperbelt Province.

Copperbelt Province Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba has confirmed that armed robbers broke into a house through a sitting room door and stole 10,000 US Dollars cash (K180,000), Gucci wrist watch , two fissile wrist watches, two Michael korus watches, assorted perfumes and three mobile phones.

Mr. Mweemba said the three unknown criminals who were armed with a pistol, iron bars and a knife demanded money from Mr Ganjay Kumar Shah aged 64, whom they found in the house.

“The province for the past 24 hours recorded one case of interest, an Aggravated Robbery whose details are as follows. In Kitwe, aggravated robbery occurred on 25/12/2022 at 23:20 hours at flat G A 1 Kola Court Parklands Kitwe in which Mr Ganjay Kumar Shah aged 64, an Indian national reported that he was attacked by three men armed with a pistol and iron bars while at home,” Mr. Mweemba stated.

“Brief facts of the matter are that the complainant and his wife Female Orvashi Shah were housing sitting for their son male Chitrang Shah aged 34 who had travelled with his family to Lusaka for a holiday. At around 23:00hrs they secured the house and retired to bed. At around 23:30hrs the complainant went to the kitchen to drink water and as he was coming back he was confronted by three unknown criminals who were armed with a pistol, iron bars and a knife. They demanded money and held the complainant as they started searching the house,” he said.

The criminals went away with the following items

(1) Assorted types of jewelries

(2) 10,000 US Dollars cash (K180,000)

(3) Gucci wrist watch,

(4) 2 fossile wrist watch,

(5)2 Michael korus watches,

(6)1 citizen watch,

(7) Guess watch

(8)1 temple watch

(9) Alexa watch

(10) Assorted perfumes

(11)1 Samsung S9 phone

(12)1Samsung S8 phone and

(13) 1 redmi phone.

The total value is K 429,800.

“The matter was reported to the police who visited the scene of the crime. It was discovered that entry was gained by breaking the sitting room door. It was also discovered that the Dollars were brought from India by the brother in law to the owner of the house on 21/12/22,” Mr. Mweemba said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mweemba has confirmed the death of a truck driver found in his truck at Mokambo border near Mufulira. He identified the deceased as Marlon Gabriel Chipman.

“An incident occurred on 26.12.22 at 17:00hrs at Mokambo border in Mufulira, in which Police received information that the driver of a Benz truck registration Number BCD 4546, the property of Access logistics of Ndola, M/Marlon Gabriel Chipman was found dead inside the said acid truck. Brief facts are that the truck in question was at Mokambo border in the queue awaiting clearance to DR Congo to deliver acid. It is believed that the truck had not enough fuel and had been parked near immigration offices for 3 days. Police rushed to the scene and found the truck locked with a dead body of a driver inside. They forced the truck door open to access the body. The body was inspected and had no visible injuries. It has since been deposited to Ronald Ross Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem to determine the cause of death. Inquiry file opened and more to follow,” Mr. Mweemba announced.

Meanwhile, a 48 year old man of Chambishi in Kalulushi District on the Copperbelt has died after a suspected excessive intake of alcohol on Christmas.

“Mathews Chizezi of Mwambashi in Minsenga farming area -Chambishi, reported having discovered a dead body of male Sylvester Chitulu aged 48 years other details not Known. The same is suspected to have died after taking excessive illicit beer. This occurred 26/12/22. The body was inspected and no physical injuries were observed and have since been picked by Police and deposited in Chambishi Government Clinic mortuary .No foul play suspected,” Mr. Mweemba said.

In Chingola, a 29-year old suspected criminal of Kapisha Township is nursing wounds after being shot in the chest by a Chinese national on Christmas Day.

Reagan Lumano of Soweto area was shot at when he and other unknown suspected criminals attacked a home belonging to Xuan Tinglong aged 47 in Chingola’s Gymkhana area.

“Male Xuan Tinglong aged 47 Director of Tinglong Investments Ltd of plot no.8413/M Gymkhana, Chingoka, a Chinese national, reported to Chingola central police station on 25.12.22 at 2100hrs that unknown criminals who were armed with iron bars, jumped over the wall fence into the yard, and stole one window frame. When challenged they started throwing stones at him. He fired warning shots, and one of them was shot in the right side of the chest, and sustained a bullet wound. Brief facts are that the reporter and the family were home when they heard noise from the new building around 2100hrs. He followed where the noise was coming from, and saw unknown people with a window frame,” Mr. Mweemba said.

“He challenged them but they started throwing stones at him. He fired some warning shots and in the process one of the intruders was shot on the right side of his chest. From there the criminals fled leaving the window frame. The matter was reported to Chingola Police. Officers were dispatched to the scene of crime and upon inspection it was discovered that the criminals jumped over the wall fence into the yard and stole the window frame. The Window frame was recovered at the scene. The officers also observed that criminals jumped into the yard. However, the victim was identified as male Reagan Lumano aged 29 of house no. 1 Kapanga road Soweto. He was rushed to Nchanga south mine hospital where he was admitted. His condition is stable. The pistol has been retrieved (TISAS SERIAL NO TO620_D6A03553 black and silver) Caliber 9mm. A case has been opened and investigations instituted into the matter. Docket opened and investigations instituted,” he said.


  1. When I first saw this story on FB, I knew that it had to be an Indian household…they still live like they are in a village where they need to keep some of their wealth eg Gold and Cash in a safe at home. What do you need $10000 cash for?
    I just dont understand how they secured the house retired to bed then woke up and found people in the house…how did three intruders get inside the house? Anyway such cases the first one to questioned is the maid and garden boy then previous employees. And these thieves will be caught the moment they turn on those phones or start selling jewelries

    • They never change. During the 1970s a shop near KMB in Kitwe which also acted as a residence to the Indian owner caught fire. It was later discovered that K450,000 was burned together with other property. This amount by todays standards would more than one million kwacha.

    • The Chinks were like this until they learnt they hard way…Indians even in Europe are live like this, they dont trust no one because they themselves are dishonest hence most break-ins are connected to their relatives or siblings.

  2. Wonder if the $10k in cash was declared at customs as required by law and all the other goods stolen were worth a bit , now ZRA should do a cross check to see if he was declaring a fair income. i doubt this Indian pay very little or no income tax . don’t feel sorry for him as he makes his wealth off the backs of the poor black Zambian

    • These people they like cash payment because they are crooks in their dealings. That NR shop there is no swiping no mobile money transfer using MoMo. Everything is cash payment. They are ever risking their lives the way they keep money. He should be thankful his life was spared.

    • “Any amount over USD5 000 has to be declared at immigration or border control when you arrive in Zambia”
      Would you declare that amount if you had it?

    • In other countries ..immediately police recieve such a statement they hand it straight to ZRA to deal with it separately but our Police are hoping to get to the loot first.

  3. You are Deja Vu. ZRA are sleeping. The other place which refuse to swipe less than K100 is Mama Africa. Another place Athenon Engineering. Cash payment is encouraged by these businesses. Ever paying less tax .


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