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Chasefu MP happy with performance of 2022 CDF


Chasefu Member of Parliament Mishake Nyambose is happy with the performance of the district in the implementation of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects.

Mr Nyambose says Chasefu District has recorded success stories in the implementation of 2022 CDF projects

The parliamentarian was speaking when he featured on ZNBC radio two programme dubbed, “The Reporter”, anchored by Joseph Phiri. He said among the projects achieved include procurement of a Grader, a Tractor with a Tipping Trailer and a LBT back hole loader that will help to open and improve the road network in the district.

Mr Nyambose said other successes in infrastructure development include completion and commissioning of Hoya Mother’s Shelter, Mtwalo Maternity Annex, a 1×3 classroom block at Chahiro Primary School and distribution of desks at Chamsoro Primary School.

He also disclosed that more than 140 youths in Chasefu are doing their tertiary education in skills development in Eastern and Lusaka Provinces using the CDF funds.

“Am just from Lusaka trades, 15 youths are being trained in skills development, Zyangani Kachinga in Lundazi we have 97, Ukwimi 24 and Chipata trades we have nine,” Mr Nyambose said.

“We are talking about bricklaying, mechanics, carpentry, welding, electrical, some in agriculture within the CDF guidelines “, he said.

The Member of Parliament said the increase in 2022 CDF by the UPND government is a game changer that will actualise decentralisation and accelerate development.

Mr Nyambose said the sinking of 80 boreholes by the government, rehabilitation of 30 others and the construction of six VIP toilets are underway.

He observed that with the procurement of the machinery and sinking of boreholes, will reduce the challenges people of Chasefu are faced with.

Mr Nyambose further observed that promoting actual decentralisation in recruitment process, promotes retention and improves the economy of the locals.

“I want to thank the President and the new dawn administration for recruiting 30,400 teachers across the nation and from this, Chasefu was not left out. Before the recruitment, in Chasefu we had 416 teachers and we were given the additional of 473 beyond the current staffing, and 80% were the locals”, he said.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker is happy with the government free education policy that has seen 2, 800 boys and girls in Chasefu returning back to school, though citing the shortage of learning space and desks in schools as challenges.

“We want to ensure that each and every child should not seat on the floor by 2024. We have given ourselves a task that we don’t miss that deadline from the president policy directive, “Mr. Nyambose said

Mr Nyambose has since discouraged parents to marry off their daughters but instead take advantage of the free education policy that the government is offering.

However, he said 450 new desks have been procured while 2, 000 desks are being rehabilitated in the district.


  1. Yet there are dull chaps in other parts of the country who want CDF to simplified so they can use it to buy Hilux for their wives and sidechicks.

  2. The problem I have with the procurement of the machinery is that in Zambia they buy machinery and run into the ground as they do not maintain them …there is no budget set aside for that.

  3. How can some districts accomplish all this with CDF and yet others claim it is a fraud? Something is not adding up. Do we need to have some peer to peer capacity building taking place? Let those who have difficulties in appropriating CDF funds visit constituencies like this one and learn. Ofcourse the rigidities of the system can always be improved but we need the Ministry to give an objective picture viz what percentage of the constituencies are struggling to utilise CDF and why. There may be some genuine peculiarities.

  4. We are yet to hear what other MPs are achieving with CDF, particularly those other independent MPs and some fair minded PF MPs., National Development is a non partisan matter. We would like to see other MPs emulate Misheck Nyambose and repentant Sunday Chanda. Its four years ahead with UPND, nafuti 5 years. How long will you tally.


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