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UPND warns party youths against harassing opposition leaders and inciting violence


The United Party for National Development (UPND) in Zambia has been facing criticism over the behavior of some of its youth members, who have been accused of exhibiting a level of indiscipline and harassing opposition party leaders.

UPND National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso has issued a warning to party members, reminding them that the opposition should be allowed to express themselves freely and that the party does not condone such behavior. He has also apologized to the media for the harassment suffered by Economic and Equity Party leader Chilufya Tayali during recent incidents in the Mufulira and Chingola districts, in which Tayali was prevented from appearing on two radio programmes.

Some UPND youths have threatened to take matters into their own hands if the police do not take action against Tayali for his disparaging remarks against President Hakainde Hichilema. Tayali recently called for a check on the mental health of the president, which has sparked outrage among some UPND members. UPND National Vice Chairperson for Party Resource Mobilization, Biggy Chiiya, has said that the fact that the president assented to the removal of the law on defamation does not mean the opposition can start insulting him. Chiiya added that the youths will not sit idle and watch the name of the president be put into disrepute and have called on the police to be alert to some opposition leaders speaking against the president in a disrespectful manner.

Tayali, in response, has said that UPND cadres are moving from one radio station to the next in the rain because they are scared he will have another interview in Kitwe. He added that he has abandoned that mission for now and will instead talk from Lusaka on his Facebook page tonight, where he will reach more people than on radio. Tayali also plans to offload everything from his chest on Muvi TV tomorrow at 19:30.

Christopher Kang’ombe, Kamfinsa Member of Parliament and PF National Youth Chairperson, has issued a statement condemning the “unruly” behavior of UPND members who have been disrupting radio programmes in Chingola and Mufulira. Kang’ombe called on the Zambia Police Service to summon the perpetrators, for the UPND leadership to not sanction such undemocratic behavior, and for President Hichilema to condemn the assault on the freedoms and rights of Tayali.

The incident has raised concerns over the state of political discourse in Zambia and the need for all parties to respect the rights and freedoms of their opponents. It is important for all political parties to refrain from inciting violence and instead engage in constructive dialogue and debate in order to address the issues facing the country.


  1. The more things change the more the stay the same….PF and UPND are all useless…i think we Mmembe sometimes sounds more sensible but you never know with these Politicians,,,the talk a good game whilst in opposition but once they’re voted in…the do exactly the opposite….Chiluba,Sata,Lungu,HH all liars

  2. The problem in Africa we fight each other instead of working together to develop our countries…look at Botswana if they continue on the same path of fighting each other they will end up worse than Zimbabwe…just watch

  3. It’s too late. This is evidence that upnd has always been violent. They accused us in pf of being violent but alas it was always them.

    This is not a normal hangover. I am convinced upnd thugs spiked my drink on new years at chicagos. My diarrhoea is getting worse

  4. True colours are now coming out…You will know them by their fruits.
    Dem.ons from the pit of hell unleashed.

  5. This just reveals how PF broke the record by bringing Violence in Zambia and now the trend goes on. It’s a case of the first cut is the deepest . UPND should desist from the malpractice and as the President had said, those caught will be on their own without fear or favour .

  6. Even if one comes from UPND or from PF. It does not matter they are all thugs and criminals.
    Allowing such gangs to operate, it also means that their part leaders are also MAFIAS and do not deserve any respect at all. Citizens must be ensured of basic human rights and security without being intimidated. Affiliation to any political part must be seen as an hobby. The so called Cadres must never be allowed to exist in democracy. Political parties must use the youths to educate them within the party ideologies for them to fill political positions.
    Uncivilized periods are gone when the then youths like Michael Sata would badly beat up Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe. Just for forming own party. Such were periods when cadres like William Banda and Bowman Lusambo would show their primitive…

  7. So, Bo Gilbert who is provoking others to anger, you sound like aiding and abetting for the president to be insulted because of the removal of the law of defamation. Look what Chilofya Tayali has just said that former president Lungu was not foolish and all previous president maintained that law while president HH has removed it. Chilufya thinks has now the leverage to insult, typical of his up bringing – insulting as part of his DNA. NO NO NO NO Ikona mani, Zambians have values that need defending. Prompt the Police to look into laws that can make Tayali be imprisoned. He will be lynched alive in the streets or effect a citizen arrest by Zambians. You will be part to blame.

  8. For once I agree with tiyali………..

    The president is a fool to abolish the law against defaming of the president………

    National Air waves are a dangerous place to let people say anything they like……….

    This is a recipe for civil strife

  9. For once I agree with tiyali………..

    The president is a f00l to abolish the law against defaming of the president………

    National Air waves are a dangerous place to let people say anything they like……….

    This is a recipe for civil strife

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