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Mundubile Calls on President Hichilema to Apologize to Zambian People and Former President Lungu


Brian Mundubile, a presidential hopeful for the Patriotic Front (PF) party in Zambia, has called on current President Hakainde Hichilema to apologize to the Zambian people and to former President Edgar Lungu at a campaign rally in Nsama district today in Northern Province.

Mundubile, who was speaking in support of the PF candidate for Kashikishi ward, Aston Chansa, accused the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) and its leader Hichilema of resorting to violence and stealing votes in order to win elections. He stated, “We know that the only way UPND can win is through violence, they have been stealing votes using violence.”

The Mporokoso Lawmaker also emphasized the need for Hichilema to apologize, saying, “Zambians are Christians who can accept the President’s apology as long as he owns up and apologizes.” He went on to stress the importance of the President acknowledging his mistakes and taking responsibility for them.

In addition to calling for an apology, Mundubile also criticized Hichilema for failing to deliver on campaign promises. He advised the Kashikishi candidate to not make the same mistakes, saying, “And Hon Mundubile advised the candidate to not be like President Hichilema who promised a lot of things to the Zambians which he has failed to achieve.”

Mundubile emphasized the pro-poor stance of the PF party, saying, “We love PF because of the way we looked after you when we were in government… When we say Power belongs to the People we know that some people may not understand what we are saying. The power to install leaders is in your hands, your voters card holds that power.” He went on to claim that the UPND had demonstrated an inability to work for the poor, stating, “UPND has shown that they can’t work for the poor.”

In his message, Mundubile also urged voters to use their ballots to send a message to the UPND about their dissatisfaction with unfulfilled promises. He said, “Use your vote to tell UPND and HH that because you lied about mealie meal, fuel, fertilizer and lack of medicines in hospitals we are not voting for you. Unless you’re buying mealie at k50 fertilizer at k250 and you have medicine in hospital then you can vote for UPND candidate. Even if you’re UPND vote for a PF candidate to send a message that you’re not happy with the many unfulfilled promises.”

Mundubile concluded his message by reiterating the PF party’s commitment to the people of Zambia and their desire to bring development to Kashikishi ward. Meanwhile, Mr. Chansa, the PF candidate for Kashikishi ward, stated that he will work with the PF leadership in bringing development to the area.


  1. That arrogant liar and crook can never apologise to anyone. He is a narcissist. I pity mutinta hichilema. She has to put up with him everyday. That is why she doesn’t complain when he is flying around without her. It is respite.

  2. Mr. Kaizar Zulu. Does this picture show the village where Edgar Lungu came from. What is the name of this village in Zambia so that I can be able to visit it and make a report as a journalist.
    For me it looks like a village in Malawi.

  3. I am a Zambian citizen by registration. With Malawi origins. One village headman helped me to change my names. My then girl-friend organized the rest. I have to be honest because I intend to stand as a President .

    • A president for your village. You will never rule this country. You are from dundumwezi using a name from Eastern to hide your tribal tendency. Fuseke

  4. HH should never apologize to a bunch of tribalist thieves who looted the country & brought it to its knees economically. These *****s have no shame!

  5. Politics in Zambia has become so boring….just morons making noise all the time….PF useless UPND even worse

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