Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Luapula Province to engage ZNS for road works


Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Mighty Mumba says the Luapula Provincial Administration will work closely with the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to work on roads and crossing points which are in a bad condition in the Province.

Mr Mumba revealed that most roads in the Province are in a bad state due to the heavy downpour which the Province is experiencing and that there is need to work on them as soon as possible.

Speaking when he met with ZNS Deputy Commander, Major General Reuben Mwewa, Mr Mumba indicated that through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Councils in the Province will be able to engage ZNS through their Land Development Branch to work on certain roads which are in a deplorable state.

The Luapula Province Permanent Secretary noted that the engagement of ZNS to work on the roads and crossing points result in the works been done on time even before the rainy season ends.

Mr Mumba has however bemoaned the high rates of fees which Councils are getting from ZNS whenever they want to engage them to do the work in their respective constituencies under the CDF.

The Permanent Secretary has since appealed to ZNS command to consider reducing the hiring price of their machinery so that it can be easy for Councils in the Province to engage them to carry out road works.

Meanwhile, ZNS Deputy Commander, Major General Reuben Mwewa explained that the desire of Command is to see to it that the rural part of the country is opened up by having good roads which will make it easier for farmers to move their farming inputs.

Maj. Gen. Mwewa says the Service is aware that most areas in the country are still rural areas hence they will continue to work on feeder roads as a way of opening up the rural parts of the country.

The Deputy Commander notes that once rural areas are opened up then it will contribute towards economic development of the country as most farmers will be able to transport their inputs without difficulties.


  1. And didn’t you do that last year? Why should you be trusted that you will use CDF this year?
    Work, stop talking.

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