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It’s wishful thinking to claim that the New Dawn government has failed to govern the nation


Former United Party for National Development (UPND) Copperbelt – Information and Publicity Secretary Rev. Mellbin Simangolwa has said it is wishful thinking to claim that the New Dawn government has failed to govern the nation.

Citizens First President Harry Kalaba recently said that it is no longer an accusation that the UPND has failed to govern as all sectors including health and agriculture have suffered immeasurable damage and should therefore call for early elections so that those who are capable can take over.

At a media briefing, Mr Kalaba said the UPND should consider calling for early elections because there had been monumental failure in the country’s governance as the economy was in shambles with money becoming scarce for citizens.

But Rev. Simangolwa, an entrepreneur and clergy, said the UPND Government is on the right path less than two years after coming into office.

He said it was unnecessary to compare the New Dawn government to past regimes that had more than two years in office.

Speaking from Ndola, Rev. Simangolwa said the UPND government needs a little bit of time as it strives to meet the expectations of the Zambian people.

He said President Hakainde Hichilema and the New Dawn government has shown the potential to make Zambia greater.

“It is critical to note that UPND has only been in office for not more than two years. In fact it is one year and five months if we are to be precise. You can’t begin to compare past governments that were in office for many years to a government that has just been running this country for only one year and five months. If we are hearing people saying UPND has failed, those are just wishing thinkers that want to see the New Dawn Government fail. There are a lot of positives that UPND will be able to score given time and chance to run this country in the next few years. We will see a number of changes will be able to take place given the demonstration that has been given so far within one year and four months,” Rev. Simangolwa said.

Meanwhile, Rev. Simangolwa has backed President Hichilema’s stance to remove anything or anyone hindering progress in 2023.

He said nothing should be allowed to impede development in the New Year because the Zambian people are expecting a lot from the government.

“The New Dawn Government needs a little bit of time, just like the President Hakainde Hichilema has emphasised to say anyone that will stand in the way of progress will be removed. If the Minister cannot do certain things because the Permanent Secretary is unable to carry out certain assignments, that one must be removed. If the Permanent Secretary cannot effectively carry out his assignment because the Director is unable to effectively execute his assignment there must be a way of getting rid of such people and also the director and going down to the staff must be dealt with. So that no one should give an excuse for failing to perform. We expect that in 2023 everyone will be up to their game and will be able to do their work effectively and satisfy the needs of the people of Zambia,” Rev. Simangolwa said.

Rev. Simangolwa further highlighted his expectations from the New Dawn Government in 2023.

He said there is an urgent need for the government to address the high cost of living, the slowed activities in the mining sector and the delayed distribution of farming inputs.

“We are expecting the cost of living to go down. This year a lot of people should have a lot of money to support their families effectively. Mining production should be high and will begin to contribute to the economy of this country. Even the issues of Konkola Copper Mines should be dealt with knowing that the President has been on point on this matter. The President has emphasised the need to settle the KCM versus Vedanta issue out of court. We want to see to it that in 2023 that issue is sorted out so that the mines can begin to operate effectively,” Rev. Simangolwa said.


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  2. My commentary has met a critical error on LT. My comment was positive about UPND but some buffoon phrases have appeared

  3. There is nothing like “New dawn” government, that was just for the first 3 months. Now we have:
    HH government, and
    UPND government.
    Choose from the two.

  4. Harry Kalaba listed a number of failures that this government has while you have not listed any achievements to support your statement.

  5. The well known pf failures don’t care about the pipo. Pipo can clearly see that. All that pf leaders cre about is stealing govt money and nw that they ar out of pwer they wil never be happy to see hh succeed.thats a fact. Evry good deed that hh has done like free education and employing teachers and nurses the pf ar not appreciating. So don’t listen to them

    • My dear it’s not only PF who are complaining… you are focusing on PF while leaving other groups that may be more potent than the PF.

  6. Polluted Front, aka P.F thieves, hustlers, gamblers, speculators, pimps & pirates @ work, whist engaging in visionless wishful dreaming.
    In Zed, only P.F failed by the time their mandate was up (10 yrs) & all the gave & left Zambia was arrogance, violent commander Cadres, gassing, dodgy fire tenders, including those museum specimens someone’s wife went to collect @ great cost with her whole village in tow. Cadres were being flown @ great expense to go dance, shop & sing Dununa reverse, whilst there were no desks in schools & citizens were being supplied with rotten medicines, fake condoms & covid vaccines.
    That Ladies & Gentrimen was the curse that was the Late P.F

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    That L@dies & G3ntrimen was the curse that was the Late P.F!!

  8. UPND is even failing to give policy direction and clear cut vision of what must be done in order to improve. Thats most worrying for me. You cant just say the cost of living will go down with time. HOW?

  9. I strongly suspect stolen cash was paid to L.T, by the Polluted Front -aka P.F, for propaganda purposes & censoring those critical of the P.F criminal enterprise. This cash must have been enough to last a generation, otherwise how else does one explain Tr0ll -Buff00nz who post senseless abusive tripe here, but are NEVER moderated & always first to appear in the commentssection, whilst ones having a sober debate are totally censored, or craftily moderated were their comments /contributions are uploaded the next day, when the whole debate has lost relevance?
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  10. The UPND has a five-year mandate to full fill their promises. Anytime frame they had put in their campaigns was just for campaigns just like PF in 2011 said they would change our lives in 90 days with more money in our pockets but at the end of the 10-year PF rule, we even became more poorer

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