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MMD Calls on Zambian Government to Establish Special Team to Find Permanent Solution to Energy Challenges


The Movement For Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) in Zambia has called on the government to establish a special team of experts to find a permanent solution to the country’s energy challenges. The call comes amid ongoing load shedding in the country, with a 12 hour schedule recently put in place.

In a statement, MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba said that instead of suspending energy supply contracts with neighboring nations, Zambia should modernize and invest in different forms of green energy generation for both domestic and international consumption. “We are the potential king of energy,” Dr Mumba said. “Instead of retreating, let us produce more by modernizing and extending to different forms of green generation options, for both domestic and international consumption.”

Dr Mumba acknowledged that the demand for an immediate solution to the load shedding issue is understandable, but emphasized that a long-term, expansive investment is needed to address the problem properly. “The demands of the screaming Zambians who want an immediate solution to load shedding cannot allow government to properly navigate this issue without public outcry,” Dr Mumba said. “This is the challenge that the PF [Patriotic Front] found themselves when they ended up advising people to go and urinate in the Kariba, and it is the same challenge that the UPND [United Party for National Development] have now come full circle with, and facing straight today. I think that this time around, the POLITICAL approach to this matter, coupled with the UNDERSTANDABLE, ongoing, but at the same time, unreasonable public outcry cannot be sustained and will simply not work.”

Dr Mumba called on the government to involve both the public and private sectors in finding a solution and to set specific terms of reference for the task force. “A special team of experts should immediately be put in place by government to find a permanent solution to this problem which has transcended several administrations,” he said. “This team must consist of both public and private sectors. We must find a Zambian solution to this problem.” Dr Mumba added that the task force should be given the mandate to fast track the search for a solution and to consider all options, including the exploration of new technologies and the possibility of partnerships with other countries.

In conclusion, Dr Mumba said that while it is important to address the current load shedding issue, it is also crucial to find a long-term solution that ensures the sustainable growth of the economy and the dignity of the people of Zambia. “Zambia MUST therefore, not just get more angry about load shedding but also start to fast track the search for a quick solution,” he said. “This is beyond politics. We should use our anger to find a solution to this problem.” Dr Mumba called on all political parties to work together to find a solution to the issue and move the country forward.


  1. Why is this man still MMD president? This 0 votes is part of Zambia’s problem. Move over and let the youths take over.

  2. After watching the President at State House same day ati govt should form a committee?? Ba Opposition in Zambia don’t have what to say.

  3. And the main Problem with HH is self praise…let people see the development and then give you credit…stop praising yourself over little achievement all the time….”I have done this” “am doing this since am a genius”….let your work speak for itself….now your own loadsheding self praise is haunting you……and like I said stop applying band aid on major issues….we need lasting solutions AND IF YOU HAVE FAILED JUST GRACEFULLY RESIGN

    • Has anyone been loadsheded here, raise your hand. No hand was raised. And he continued: It’s because of the background work that we have been doing…..then the whole country lost power….then he calls an emergency meeting… Sanford and son comedy

  4. @Deja Vu
    Kikikikiki imagine ati raise your hand…telling big people…..HH thinks he is a grade 3 school teacher….and all Zambians are his grade 3 students

  5. The Problem with these so called opposition once HH offers them brown envelopes or Jobs then they become quite….when they’re hungry that’s when they open their mouths…like Pilato and fake activist Laura Miti….now they’re part of ba koswe mumpoto……their stomachs are full..
    Broke Nevers Mumba will shut his mouth once he is offered a job

  6. Government will do well to develop hydropower in Luapula, Northwestern and Northern provinces, these are our high rainfall areas and have hundreds of Waterfalls that can be used.
    We don’t have to politicise electricity generation, we the people of Zambia know what we need. We need power at low cost.

  7. The permanent solution is to stop power exports at the expense of the owners of that power. Low water levels kwisa? Stop exporting power permanently and kiss goodbye to loadshedding. Just why can’t those countries we export power to start generating their own power?. Even if they don’t have rivers there are other sources of energy

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