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President Hichilema leaves for Angola


President Hakainde Hichilema has left for Angola for a state visit at the invitation of his counterpart President of Angola Joao Lourenco.

The plane carrying President Hichilema took off from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport ZAF base at exactly 14:30 hrs today.

First Lady Mutinta Hichilema has accompanied the President to Angola.

President Hichilema and the First Lady were seen off by Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Permanent Secretary, Isebelle Matyola, Secretary to Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa and Lusaka Province Minister, Sheal Mulyata.

Others were, Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya, State House Media Director Clayson Hamasaka and other senior government officials.

And according to the press statement made available to ZANIS today by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanley Kakubo, said the President will be in Angola from 11 to 12 January 2023.

Mr Kakubo said Zambia and Angola are strategic partners who have bilateral cooperation encompassing many areas of mutual interests at national, regional and global levels.

He said during the visit, the President is scheduled to hold bilateral talks with President Lourenco, which will focus on among others, key issues of infrastructure development pertaining to road, rail and air connectivity as well as the topical issue of energy.

He said the talks will culminate in a signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs), including an agreement on infrastructure development.

Mr Kakubo noted that President Hichilema also agreed to address the National Assembly of Angola as well as travel to Benguela province where he is scheduled to tour the Lobito Port, the Benguela Railway Company and the Lobito Petroleum Refinery.

He said these are critical infrastructure projects of benefit to both countries as they will contribute towards the free movement of goods and services between Zambia and Angola.

Mr Kakubo further said this will also provide a possible alternative source of petroleum products for Zambia within close geographical proximity.

He said while providing an enabling environment for local and foreign businesses to flourish in Zambia, the government will continue to maximise on the untapped opportunities for trade and investment, together with tourism within the southern region on the African continent and beyond.


  1. Hakainde put your house in order before you embark on these pointless trips…your cabinet needs reshuffle due to appalling performance but ignoring critics!!

  2. Africa, we play games too much…. wasting taxpayers’ money on trips that won’t help us in any way…. why not having virtual meetings…we have a Zambian Embassy in Angola to do all the trade and investment meetings…why do we have a Zambian Embassy in Angola….HH IN OPPOSITION AND HH IN THE STATE HOUSE EXACT OPOSITE INDIVIDUAL…and like i always say massive entourage at the Airport and accompanying the President…HH WAS AGAINST FOREIGN TRIPS IN OPPOSITION BECAUSE THEY COST ALOT OF MONEY

  3. Zambia should be thankful to God for HH. Zambia has had 30 wasted years. Poverty in Zambia is because of 30 years of corruption and incompetent leadership. Give the guy time, and you will thank him. In 30 years, Zambia’s manufacturing and industries were obliterated. No investment in rail, road and energy infrastructure. Corruption and theft of public resources has been the main driver of the economy. And you want the guy to fix that mess in 6 months?

  4. Can someone educate me on why its necessary for the President to be seen off by ministers, sometims defence chiefs and senior government officials?
    Whats the point of dragging Anthony Bwalya to the airport and then letting him go back home after the president flies? I am genuinely curious. Please help.

  5. The country is in a crisis and then the motivation speaker decides to make another trip. Touring the kariba then a trip to Angola

  6. Mr…president please get materials to mend the hole in the dam wall. After u discovered the hole there is need to mend it urgently. Ncube tried local compound but not succeed. May be angola has someting that can work.

  7. @ Chiza+Chirwa
    They’re paid huge allowances just for lining up at the Airport runway…..also remember they don’t pay for fuel….it’s all under government expenses ….and on their way from the Airport its straight to some Lodges with other people’s wives or UNZA girls……and the IMF thinks Zambia is poor when we have the President and his Ministers spending money like there’s no tomorrow

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