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Abeco Tanks stand ready to help Zambia overcome


Zambia like other African countries is impacted by climate change which has caused droughts in the country for two years in a row – in 2021 and 2022.

The lack of rain has been substantial which has affected everything in the country including the four pillars of any African country’s economy – agriculture, business, mining and industry.

The reality is that African communities are very vulnerable to the threats that a water shortage brings.

All businesses no matter how big or how small need water to operate. Like money makes the world go round water is an even more valuable commodity because without it everything shuts down.

Installing an Abeco water tank means everything keeps running as usual during a water shortage.

Water storage tanks save businesses. They save farms. They save crops. They save jobs.

Farms can continue to irrigate and produce crops in the midst of a water shortage preventing their factories from shutting down and staff from losing their jobs.

Water tanks also save communities. In Zambia, they are experiencing a security crisis as women and children are walking long distances to collect water and are under threat of attacks along the way.

An Abeco water tank can be installed in communities so that they have easy access to water. The tanks can also have multiple taps eliminating long queues.

There is also an education crisis in the country due to the water shortage. Schools cannot function efficiently without fully functioning toilets. The children are also not in school as they are walking long distances to fetch water. If schools had a water tank they could continue to operate as normal.

Abeco has been supplying water storage solutions to Africa for nearly 40 years. Their solutions have saved jobs, helped to build businesses and create jobs, helped to educate children and upheld the well-being of communities. They have added to the economic growth of African countries.

As droughts continue to have an impact in Africa, water will become more and more of a valuable commodity. Businesses and Communities that store and save water will have a competitive advantage that comes from having a scarce resource at hand.

Abeco is trusted throughout Africa to manufacture water tanks with high-quality steel. The 269 000 square metre factory in Johannesburg has a section used specifically for the evaluation of the steel used for every tank built. The steel panels need to be a specific thickness according to the amount of water the tank will hold.

Each panel undergoes a stress test to ensure the tank can hold the water and that the panels will not buckle under pressure.

All the steel components are also covered with a zinc coating (or hot dipped galvanized) ensuring no corrosion of any of the parts. This is vital to maintain the hygiene of the water being stored and also ensures the tanks will last for up to 40 years making them a worthwhile investment.

No UV rays can penetrate the steel protecting the water from algae build-up and the water is kept hygienic and drinkable.

Abeco has a few certifications but the two that stand out are the SANS certification and the ISO certification.

The SANS (South Africa National Standard) certification ensures that the tanks have been tested and certified that they conform to the South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS).

The ISO (International Standards Organization) is made up of standards bodies from different countries worldwide.

This certification indicates that Abeco water tanks comply with the standards of 160 countries.

A clear strategy is needed by every business, home and community to ‘bank’ water for when there is a water shortage.

While its competitors store water, Abeco ‘banks’ water. They are the world’s first water bank and over the last 4 decades have earned a reputation that they can be trusted to provide an efficient and cost-effective water storage solution – a ‘savings account’ of hygienic, clean water that can be used during water crises by businesses, farms, Schools, communities, medical clinics etc.

The supply of water is never a given. The attitude towards its supply needs to change. Zambia like all other African nations has been given a warning about the crisis that arises when there is no water.

Water-saving and water-storing strategies need to be put in place by the Zambian government, industries, businesses, communities & homes.

Education is vitally important. The Zambian people need to be educated that water is a vital commodity and should not be wasted. They should be educated about how to save and how to store water at home and at work.

Businesses and homes should look at installing water recycling systems like a greywater recycling system and a rainwater storage tank. Both will save and store water that can be used in the garden and to flush toilets.

They should also install dual flush toilets and efficient taps with flow restrictors in the bathrooms. Together they will save more than 50% of water usage.

While Zambia endures the effects of a terrible drought, Abeco tanks stand ready to help the Zambian people go back to a normal and successful way of life.

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