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PF Presidential Candidate supports Nkombo’s call for UPND to focus on delivering, instead of blaming the PF


Patriotic Front (PF) Presidential Candidate Mr. Brian Mundubile has expressed his agreement with Local Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo’s statement, in which he called on his colleagues in the United Party for National Development (UPND) to stop blaming the PF and instead focus on delivering on their promises to the people.

Mr. Mundubile, who is also the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, praised Nkombo for his “truthful statement” and said that the Minister was “cut from a different cloth.” He added that the UPND had raised false hopes among Zambians during their campaign, giving the impression that they were ready to address the challenges facing the country immediately upon winning.

However, Mr. Mundubile stated that Zambians were now fatigued after learning that the UPND had instead focused on blaming the PF rather than delivering on their promises. He said, “Zambians did not expect them to get into office and start playing the blame game. They expected them to start delivering immediately.”

In a statement carried by the News Diggers newspaper on Wednesday, 11th January 2023, Nkombo had urged the New Dawn Government to stop the blame game and instead focus on fixing things. Mr. Mundubile expressed his agreement with Nkombo’s statement, saying “I wish to agree with Local Government Minister Honourable Gary Nkombo’s statement carried by the Wednesday edition of the News Diggers Newspaper and I agree with him in totality, despite the comment coming later than anticipated.”


  1. This is the division that has started in upnd. Garry has been sidelined by Hakainde for a very long time.

    Garry is just the first one to open up, many more will open up. This is the fall of oval head Hakalila

  2. Garry is a sensible man but his hands are tight. UPND are in a relationship with the wrong people. You chose to partner with the en3rmy of the state and for that you will not sit comfortably in your own country. You sold the country ku ba kapondo.

  3. These guys were given chance and they failed…..Mmembe should play it cool otherwise he has a better chance of defeating HH than Mundubile and his cohorts

  4. To affirm sentiments expressed by Hon Garry Nkombo, indeed UPND has to begin to focus more on solution led mantra than lamenting about shortfalls of PF regime. In fact the failures of PF regime made Zambians vote them out of power. HOWEVER, we can not be blind to the grand corruption of the past regime that largely created the problems UPND needs to focus on providing solutions to Zambia. Problems have been identified and some solution will rely on referencing to sins committed by PF regime. Yes, we can forgive by muting bitter judicial corrective measures by not forgetting what PF regime did to Zambians, least UPND falls in the same pit.

  5. Garry Nkombo has been eating with both hands and everyone knows it…Garry Nkombo is very close to Edgar Lungu than he is with HH…so no wonder Garry is a PF sympathizer and he chewed a lot of money with Lungu

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