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Monde criticizes President Hichilema for the poor current state of the economy


Mr. Greyford Monde, a Patriotic Front presidential hopeful, has continued to criticize President Hakainde Hichilema for the current state of the economy in Zambia. In a recent interview on Millennium TV, Mr. Monde stated that the country’s economy is “completely on a freeze” and that citizens are frustrated with the lack of progress made by the current government.

“I think the state of the nation right now is that we are completely on a freeze. We don’t know what has befallen us. Just when people were hoping that the FISP would work well, the program which was once a success is a total disaster, and now the issue of no medicines in hospitals – all these issues, we then are first with this problem of electricity,” said Mr. Monde.

He pointed to several specific issues, such as the failure of the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP) and the shortage of medicines in hospitals, as examples of the government’s lack of delivery on its promises. He also highlighted the ongoing problem of electricity as a major concern for Zambians.

Mr. Monde also criticized President Hichilema for the promises he made prior to the 2021 elections. “President Hichilema promised Zambians that he would fix the economic challenges that Zambians were grappling with. But after being voted into power, the economy has angered causing citizen’s tempers to start flaring,” he said.

The potential PF leader stated that many Zambians wish there was a way to recall a sitting president when they have failed to deliver on their promises. He suggested that the Constitution should be amended to allow for recall of a president if they are not fulfilling their duties.

“From the time that the current government took over power, we have been on the side where you can hardly know where we are going… and yet people expected better. So the state of the country right now, the state of the nation is so gloomy that many Zambians out there don’t know if really that the presidential term or a political party in office term, if there was a way it should have been lesser than five years or if there was a way to recall a sitting President when they have failed,” said Mr. Monde.

“I think that part of the Constitution would have be revoked to have been to ensure that we can quickly move on and get someone else, another political party probably to take over government. Because I think that there is so much not happening,” he added.

Mr. Monde’s comments come as the country struggles with a gloomy economic state and high levels of unemployment. The UPND administration has faced criticism for its handling of the economy and its failure to address the concerns of citizens.


  1. Pompwe Front sounding like a broken record regurgitating the same tired stuff about FISP and medicines, while forgetting that they ran the economy into the ground in the first place.

    You wish Zambians had a short memory!


  3. You can impeach or use a vote of no confidence to remove a sitting president but our opposition are so disjointed and often scream out things prematurely. You also need to give the president enough time to deliver but this one looks like he only needs 5 years to pay back his masters for failing to secure the top job all those years.

  4. PF Presidental elections are next month and this boy Monde is busy criticising Hakainde…really laughable…I mean for the time being tell PF members what you will do for them and bring the party back into govt. This is why I think this PF election is a sham all these chaps someone paid their participation fees because if I made that type of money that I sweated I would come out in full force to tell PF members why they should vote for me and why I would be different from Lazy Lungu’s shambolic rule.

  5. We are no longer in a freeze. Since we restarted loadshedding we went backwards of a freeze. We are worse because we’re going backwards. Next time I vote I’ll ask for a well laid out manifesto. Noone had one in the previous election

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