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Chitalu Chilufya, HoneyBee directors in court over conspiracy to defraud government case


Former Minister of Health , Chitalu Chilufya, and eight others have pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiring to defraud the government out of over US$17 million in connection with the HoneyBee drugs supply case. The other accused include former Attorney General Likando Kalaluka, former Ministry of Health permanent secretary Caroline Kakulubelwa, and procurement officer Wilson Lungu. Additionally, the case includes Honeybee Pharmacy Limited directors Abdurrauf Motala, Zakir Motala, and Imran Lunat, as well as pharmacist Emmanuel Mubanga.

The defendants are jointly charged with the offense of conspiracy to defraud. The allegations state that between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020, Chitalu, Kakulubelwa, Kalaluka, Lungu, Mubanga, Lunat, Zakir, and Abdurauf conspired to defraud the government of the sum of US$17,958,150.00 through a contract under tender number MOH/SP/032/19 for the supply and delivery of 22,500 Health Center Kits.

It is important to note that all defendants have pleaded not guilty before Lusaka chief resident magistrate Davies Chibwili. The outcome of the case will depend on the evidence presented by the prosecution and the defense’s ability to refute those allegations. It will also be up to the court to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused based on the evidence presented.

The case highlights the importance of transparency and oversight in government procurement processes to ensure that public funds are used appropriately and to prevent fraud. It also serves as a reminder of the need for strict adherence to the laws and regulations governing public procurement and the importance of holding individuals accountable for any illegal activities.


  1. How much is the bond fee, go ahead and charge him, we all know the bigger fish you’re the lesser the chance of going behind bars. Everything is not want it seems….. Fiction yekeyeka.

    • I don’t accuse you of not being a upnd t0nga supporter so why do you feel the need to claim am not pf. I will be pf until I die. Can you ignore me. Heed your own advice. Don’t comment on my posts.

  2. If the prosecution can not bring solid evidence in this case then just close down ACC because what I saw being presented in the Parliamentary commitee live hearing when then Health PS Caroline Kakulubelwa was being grilled and couldnt answer any questions it made me cry how PF thugs were lining their pockets with impunity.


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