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Nakacinda says a Government has resurrected a Unit used to eliminate government critics


Patriotic Front (PF) National Chairperson for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakacinda has alleged that he has information suggesting that a defunct department under the special division that was responsible for eliminating government critics in the past has been re-opened.

Speaking to the media at Lusaka Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday morning, Mr. Nakacinda said the controversial department is being re-opened to scare government critics or leaders of the opposition.

He said currently some opposition leaders are being pursued by state agents.

Mr. Nakacinda charged that Zambia under President Hakainde Hichilema has been ‘captured’ by foreigners.

“Colleagues, as you have noticed the courts in Lusaka are crowded with matters that involve those that were privileged to serve in the previous regime, a situation that I think the Zambian people are now getting used to. Allow me to take this opportunity to inform the nation of the sad development that has emerged in our country. We have alerted our country of foreigners and individuals that have been contracted by foreign entities that are influencing policy and operating from the state house. We are aware of people that are operating from the Tony Blair Foundation, people that are operating from Brenthurst Foundation that are influencing policy, which is clearly state capture. Now, what is also happening is that by extension we have foreigners that are beginning to participate in the operation and activities of the law enforcement agencies. We have white people that are participating even in the process of investigations. We are suspicious – still investigating and zooming to check whether these are not FBI or CIA agents that have now come into this country for a specific agenda,” Mr. Nakacinda said in a video posted on the Smart Eagles facebook page.

“We also had noticed that a department that had been closed under the special division that in time past used to operate has an elimination department seemingly it looks like activated. We are still under investigations, all allegations and those suspicions are serious especially from those of us in the opposition. We know that this government has been engulfed in failure and so on. These activities involve political leaders being followed around, strange people hovering around their homes, being monitored in terms of times they finish their work and the time they go home. All these activities that we have noticed that they are being undertaken and we are monitoring. We want to advise Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, that we should never never never never go back to the days of One Party State where strange things were happening. Political opponents disappearing, some of them dying in very suspicious circumstances. These we are saying in good faith, in the promotion of our democracy. If the allegations of some department under the special division being opened that was responsible for elimination in time past has actually been opened this is a sad development. So we would want the government to clear (the air on this allegation),” he said.

Mr. Nakacinda added that the government should provide an enabling environment where the opposition can provide checks and balances without any hindrance.

“Don’t use the police to intimidate opponents; don’t use the police to intimidate opponents, don’t use law enforcement agencies to intimidate opponents especially when we expose things that are inimical to the governance system of this country. Our democracy needs to be protected. Those who have chosen to serve this country via politics need to be given the latitude to serve and play their role in this case for those of us in the opposition to provide checks and balances without any interference. Without their lives being strengthened, without our freedom being taken away. That is what we want to call upon Mr. Hakainde to ensure because that is what he promised. So if we are going to have people’s lives being threatened because they have chosen to speak on behalf of the Zambian people, that is very sad,” Mr. Nakacinda said.


    • I wont support such a “resurrection” but isnt Nakacinda just revealing the illegal activities of the previous government-in which he was?
      “a defunct department under the special division that was responsible for eliminating government critics in the past has been re-opened”


  2. Hh wants a one party state but he won’t manage. I want to be put in a cage fight with 2 upnd leaders and the key thrown away so that I beat them

  3. Mr. Nakachinda should rightly be referred to as PF Chairman for misinformation. He has issued so many unsubstantiated allegations it’s hard to keep track.

    If making wild allegations constitutes checks on the government in PF’s view, then they will remain in opposition for a long time to come.

    There’s a lot of more relevant issues you can pick on ba Nakachinda, not this schizophrenic talk.

  4. PF also, how do you allow your publicity chairman to look so scruffy and expect to be taken seriously?

    • Scruffy? Only because you’re looking at him through European glasses handed to you by the colonialists. To them everything African was banned including dreadlocks, plaits, and they forced you to wear a tie and jacket to look like them.
      Now we have revived black n proud and we are facing opposition from brainwashed blacks like you!

    • He isn’t scruffy unless you’re mentally colonised. That’s the new look. Trevor Noah, Neymar, Balloteli Patson Daka have got it

    • @My friend couldn’t be a lawyer bcos he had dreads and @Shibu Kenny
      Who told you I was black? The white man of course.
      Listening to you, I could have sworn you don’t speak English, nor do you wear business suits and ties because you’re neither brainwashed nor are you mentally colonised. But I notice you’re using the colonialist’s language here.
      And by the way, a new look of Trevor Noah and footballers should not be the new look of our leaders.

    • So illogical your argument ba his Master’s Voice. Listening to one who is speaking English you could have sworn she doesnt speak English? In any case its a weak argument you’re trying to bring up. That we shouldn’t speak English because we are promoting Africanness? In any society what works positively can be adapted- especially if English unites 73 different language speakers. We arent blindly copying English. We have adapted it to help with our goal of uniting ourselves in our new nation Zambia. But nothing is gained by copying a jacket and tie. Progressive society should Know what to discard and what tool to adapt to take you forward.

  5. This boy has always been lost Lazy Lungu kept him on as an MMD nominated minister just to distablise Never Mumba…he is only good for one thing causing confusion. Him and Chilufya Tayali dont even know how many court cases they have this year…they are so careless with their mouths…..

  6. UPND can not sink so low to resort to revelations made by Nakachinda of PF regime past practices of eliminating the opposition. Zambians need these noise makers rounding them up for thefts whilst crying chweee chweee chweeeeee oh polical persecution chweeee……..

  7. What a joke of a Patriotic Front (PF) National Chairperson for Information and Publicity………….

    PF is a party of dandaheads………..

    Any intelligent PF politician should dump this joke of a party………..

    • You will never see that Deja Vu commenting on such PF associated articles…you wonder why? Since he claims to have been around when the Pyrimads were being built.

  8. Is this man Nakacinda normal? He looks like a criminal with nature hate towards other political opponents. Such criminals must never be allowed to rule Zambia again. It is better for him to ask Kaizar Zulu to cut his hair and look like a normal person.

    • No.
      I’m telling you that white people used to enforce their behaviour/values on us. A smart man had to shave. The oppressor imposed his view on us. Who said you can’t be smart with your dreads?

  9. As a man thinketh so he is. A mind busy on falsehoods all the time just to mislead the public would not produce good results. Pf full of dunderheads.

  10. Iam an African, but I do not want to look like Nakachinda to be recognised as African. The way he wants to look is his choice and has nothing to do with Africaness. He can look like a wild animal, I don’t care!!

    • True.

      Unfortunately, some people think that for you to be identified as African, you have to stop combing your hair and consequently you have to grow dreadlocks, and that you have to stop shaving, that you should not wear the white man’s design of clothing, that is, a suit and neck tie. And shoes for that matter.

      But lest we forget, society and culture are dynamic, so that what prevailed in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s even as recently as the 90s is no longer the norm. That explains why we no longer move about in loincloths, or holding spears.

      And that is why we no longer dwell in caves; and have for our mobility modern automobiles designed no doubt by our very oppressors.

  11. The fact that we dont live in Caves doesnt mean we cant be ourselves. Look at that picture of HH greeting an Arab. You can see he is an Arab and proud of it from kilometres away. The man the Arab is greeting is a cabon copy of a Muzungu. Definitely not proud to be African

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