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People claiming that I has failed to manage the constituency are jealous-Chifubu MP


Ndola’s Chifubu Member of Parliament Lloyd Lubozha has said people claiming that he has failed to manage the constituency are jealous of his election as a lawmaker in the 2021 elections.

Speaking during the handover of two community trucks bought using his personal money at Chifubu Market; Mr. Lubozha said he was a capable member of parliament contrary to assertions by his critics.

The UPND MP said he is ready to meet his competitors in the 2026 General Elections.

“I am aware some people say that Lubozha has failed. Watch the space. I am a strong man. You will talk and talk until you are tired. The people elected me as Chibufu Member of Parliament in order to work for them. That is the mandate I have been given by the people. Those who speak against me are just envious. Your competitor cannot say good things about you. We know that those are our rivals. We are fighting for that one woman and that woman is Chifubu Constituency. When some people speak just know that they are our competitors so we will meet them in 2026. I am a strong man, a man among men. I am asking for prayers and support from you the people of Chifubu Constituency so that we fulfill our mandate,” Mr. Lubozha said.

Mr. Lubozha said he was working for the people of Chifubu Constituency who will assess him at the end of his mandate.

“Past leaders in Chifubu Constituency did their part; they have made my work as MP simpler. I cannot talk ill about my predecessors. My elder brother Mr. Frank Ng’ambi (immediate past Chifubu MP) did a good job. He left a market shelter at Chifubu and I don’t have to do that job. My elder brother has worked. May God bless him wherever he is. I want to thank my brother. He did his part and it is now my turn to work for the people. The disciplinary committee is with me and in 2026 they will be on my side. I thank you the people of Chifubu as your able Member of Parliament may God bless you. Those coming to say Lubozha has failed must be strong to face me. I am a man working for the people of Chifubu Constituency and people will judge me at the end. I will not fear anything.As a proud Member of Parliament, I want to announce to you as my bosses in Chifubu Constituency that without you I cannot be here. I am humbled to serve you as Member of Parliament. I have nothing to give you but I pray that God will bless you in the New Year,” he said.

Mr. Lubozha highlighted some developmental projects being implemented in the constituency.

“Allow me to highlight the long awaited projects for 2022. The 2022 projects have reached the implementation stage in 2023. I wish to announce that the Kanyanje Clinic project, the contractor, has moved on site. We are building a clinic with a maternity wing in Kanyanje just before the Korean School. For the people of Pamodzi I have good news for you as well. On Monday, the contractor will be on site near Twatasha Market in overspill to start the construction of a clinic with a maternity wing. Fibobe Ward and Chifubu in general, the long awaited renovation of the Chifubu Local Court that was gutted by fire, the contract is already on site and has brought stones. The most problematic and troublesome road in Chifubu Constituency popularly known as Fiesta Road today it is an avenue. I also want to announce that this week the contractor is moving on site just here at the council to start the construction of the Chifubu Market Police Post,” he said.


  1. If it’s true you are doing your job don’t respond let the work you are doing speak for itself.The fact that you’re responding raises eyebrows

  2. Keep setting the bar higher and all thieves from PF will have nothing to say. Similarly, presidential bar is even higher beyond any PF thief to aspire as president of Zambia until further developments in 2036.

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