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Zambia President seeks modern rail network, promises to open Embassy in UAE, at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week


President Hakainde Hichilema of the Republic of Zambia joined fellow global leaders and other delegates at the official opening of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The conference, which is focused on increasing investment in renewable energy as an alternative to traditional sources, provided an opportunity for President Hichilema to hold bilateral talks with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.

During the meeting, President Hichilema expressed his gratitude to the UAE for their leadership in ensuring that Zambian institutions partnered with their UAE counterparts in multimillion-dollar investments. In a statement, he said, “We thanked His Highness for his leadership in ensuring that Zambian institutions partnered with their UAE counterparts in multimillion dollar investments in the Energy, Agriculture, Mining and Technology sectors. In expressing gratitude between our two countries and on the need to further deepen our existing relationship, Zambia shall open a permanent Embassy in the UAE to address the increased trade and opportunities between our countries for the benefit of our citizens.”

One of the key topics discussed during the meeting was the development of Zambia’s railway network. President Hichilema highlighted the need for a lasting solution to the country’s rundown and outdated railway network and emphasized the need for a modern rail network that can carry the bulk of Zambia’s cargo and reduce pressure on the country’s roads. He said, “Our rundown and outdated Railway Network needs a lasting solution that meets the aspirations of our envisaged Economic Transformation Agenda. Zambia needs a modern Rail Network that will carry the bulk of our cargo and also reduce pressure on our roads where we are currently spending enormous amounts of money on construction and maintenance. Our ultimate goal is not only to rehabilitate the existing network, but to also add more rail tracks to augment usage and optimise capacity in cargo and passenger freight.”

President Hichilema also met with the management of the Etihad Rail Company, which is mandated to manage the development, construction, and operation of the UAE’s National Freight and Passenger Railway Network. He said, “On the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), we held discussions with the management of the Etihad Rail Company which is mandated to manage the development, construction and operation of the UAE’s National Freight and Passenger Railway Network.”

The President also praised the rapid development of the UAE and acknowledged that it serves as a great lesson for countries like Zambia on how to improve the quality of life for citizens using local resources while tapping on outside capital, skills, and expertise. He said, “The rapid development of the UAE, particularly in recent years, is a huge lesson for countries such as ours on how we can improve the quality of life for our citizens using our local resources while tapping on outside capital, skills and expertise.”

He reassured the citizens of Zambia that his government will do everything possible to address the country’s challenges and thanked the UAE for their continued support. He said, “We value your continued support and we shall do everything possible and within our means to address these challenges that our country has been facing for decades.”


  1. In 2026 when seeking re-election President HH should be able to explain to us the fruits of these trips abroad, one by one. The trip that I undertook to America yielded this and this, the trip to UAE yielded this and this, the trip to Angola yielded this and this. If not, you know us Zambians. We will vote for another leader

    • But when Lazy Lungu was flying about like he had red ants/ safari ants in his pants…you never quizzed him about his trips during campaigns in fact you were cheering him on. Today you are barking about voting when you never voted but was busy stealing and showing off on camera!!

    • He is seeking a modern rail net work in the UAE? I’m sure he will ask them for water to deliver to Kariba dam too. And some electricity to deliver to Shangombo and Zambezi district?. This begging bowl mentality needs to stop now. Why doesnt he gather up Zambia’s numerous engineers and draw a plan for a modern railway network. Professor Chirwa is somewhere abroad waiting for his country to utilise him.

  2. Someone said that Zambians are good at voting out badly performing leaders but poor at electing leaders who can perform better than those before them …

    • …because they all come in with lies with a few exceptions, the ones with a conscious and love for their country stand out. Not very easy to find these leaders due to our praise and PhD mentality.

    • Those are such apt words to describe us Zambians. we dont know how to identify leadership. We just vote out these pretenders because we are fed up of them. Whom we replace them with we dont worry about.

  3. All these past 10 years we ve been printing even “Shangombo” ward councilor ballot papers, we never even had an Embassy there? No man, this is a joke! Yet we had Bonanza, and the PF stoogies flying into Dubai and even buying properties there , as tho they were landing at a Zambian Embassy-shame! Busy flashing flashing Dubai Dubai, kansi na ka Embassy chabe pa na libe.Yaba

  4. @Fortune Teller: HH is not your president , you had your time as PF cadres, so, those stupid checklist of yours you should ve done that to your Edgar Chagwa Lungu. But instd you were busy stealing along with him. Now you ve a sober mind , then you want to be clever, atase! Besides that, HH is there to achieve his Zambian Agenda and if you not happy with that-dont even make noise here, simply vote him out! HH is the last president in Zambia to want to “Bwelelapo pamupando”. He wont even beg for your single foolish vote – esp you PF cadres. Keep votes or give them to a begger pls cos HH has never been a beggar and will never be! Thankyou

  5. For those stating they will vote for another leader in 2026, which other leader is this?
    Sean Tembo,Brian Mundubile,Miles Sampa,Harry Kalaba, Bowman Lusambo, Chishala Kateka, Emmanuel Mwamba , Edith Nawakwi etc?
    Honestly who is there to vote for?

  6. I hope we’ll get the railways going again. PF sunk the whole Euro bond into the railways with little or no effect at all. We shall compare and contrast.

  7. Let’s be realistic with ourselves here Bwana HH ,Zambia cannot build a modern rail network with the current debt levels.Maybe in 20yrs ahead.

    • He knows the only people who can handle such projects are the Chinks but he doesnt want to talk to them because of the debt issue and he doesnt want to piss off his muzungu friends especially the vistors from US coming to check on him!!

  8. HH is very good at Photo op….deceiving gullible Zambians with his nonsensical trips…Just enjoying flying around wasting taxpayers money…. Embassies are very expensive to maintain….and what do Zambian Ambassadors do….nothing just living large and shopping all the time…Just go to the Zambian Embassy in Washington DC….no one is in the office as they’re always out doing some personal errands.

  9. Zambians are hungry and HH is flying half across the world to take pictures with the Emirates….acting like he is doing something for Zambia just like other African leaders who like posing for photos at the G20 meeting…signing all sorts of MOUs…..and nothing to show for it…because of his lies now he is running around like a headless chicken….Chipante pante bola yakosa

  10. Why go to UAE for a modern rail network? The presidential jet had stayed too long on Lusaka Airport tarmac?
    I thought the Chinese, our good old friends, have some of the world’s best rail networks?

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