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Chief Mukuni calls for revision Chiefdom Boundary Maps


Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya speaking people of Kazungula district in Southern province has called for the revision of the 1958 Chiefdom Boundary Maps.

Speaking when Lands and Natural Resources Minister Elijah Muchima called on him at his Palace today, the traditional leader said there is need to correct some anomalies on the maps.

Chief Mukuni said a lot has changed over the years hence the need to revisit the boundaries.

He mentioned that currently certain chiefdoms have spilled over in others hence creating some tension.

The traditional leader hopes that with the coming in of the new dawn administration, such issues can be resolved without any wrangles.

And in response Mr Muchima said President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration has the interest of people stating that government attaches seriousness in addressing such matters.

The Minister said, soon, government will call for a stakeholders meetings to iron out issues related to chiefdom boundaries.

Mr Muchima informed the Chief that his ministry is aware of such reports stating that relevant stakeholders will soon be engaged.

The Lands Minister also informed the Chief that his ministry is aware of the many land wrangles southern province is experiencing hence his tour of the region.

He has since called for concerted efforts between traditional authorities and government in addressing the challenges.

Mr Muchima said no meaningful development can be achieved with the exclusion of Chiefs.


  1. Instead of calling for the abolition of chiefdoms, this minion is trying to entrench chiefdoms. This is not Stone Age. We have driverless cars and we are sending people to other planets. Go away you little scumbag. We don’t need these little chiefs.

  2. I am in chilanga drinking uncontrollably and celebrating with my niece who has cleared g12 with 6 points. She can have whatever she likes. Uncle kaizer is here. Only approach me if you man enough I protect her . Upnd cadres try me

  3. Abolish all traditional chiefs. If the Toka Leya, Tonga, Lozi, Ngoni, Bemba, Luvale etc, want to uphold their traditional chiefs, let them pay for them by themselves. Instead of the toothless and useless House of Chiefs, lets create an upper house of parliament in which every province will be represented by 2 people regardless of population or size. That way, all legislation will always have to pass both houses. This second house should have the power to review all international treaties, contracts and loans. If it does not approve, they are not taken. It should also have the power to try the president if he commits a crime and remove him from power with 70% vote. However, this lower house would have to impeach him first, before he could be tried in the upper house.

  4. The institution of chieftaincy has been in existence from time immemorial. The British that colonized us are a Kingdom and that’s why they recognized native authorities. Some misguided individuals think breakfast is the equivalent of toast, baked beans, ham, cheese and tea and therefore aren’t proud of their roots. I understand why they’d call for the abolition of Chiefdoms. It’s slave mentality. The Native Authorities Act and the Chiefdom Boundaries Act must never be tampered with. If villages have spilled over then those villagers become subjects of the Chief in whose territory they’ve settled. It’s as simple as that.

  5. Zambia is still part of the common wealth which is headed by a King, take time to think before you downgrade a system that has been there from time memorial,in the United Kingdom there is a government by the people separate from the monarch,when the government fails the Monarch takes over,note: the Monarch brings in more money through tourism than the government allocates for them through taxes. Similar in Zambia the k15,000 they pay Chiefs is not equivalent to the returns that come through ceremonies,if you don’t know where you’re coming from,you don’t know where you’re going.

  6. The greatest way to defeat someone is to robe them of there identity, ideally you can’t develop using an Identity which has its on risks which you’re not aware of, if you do a survey,the most successful countries are those that have preserved there Identity, still doing the think process using there lunguage which has evolved with the challenges associated to there respective environment

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