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UPND cadres accuse local authority of being used by PF


United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres in Mporokoso yesterday stormed council offices and threatened to lock the offices of the Council Secretary, the Planner and Procurement Officer.

The cadres were claiming that the named council officers are being used by the opposition to award tenders to Patriotic Front (PF) supporters.

The cadres claimed that the council has awarded all the 18 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects for 2022 to PF cadres.

Mushamba Chunga who spoke on behalf of other members accused the Council Secretary of being used by PF area Member of Parliament Brian Mundubile and Council Chairperson Nick Nkole.

Mr Chunga has since advised the Council Secretary not be controlled by Mr Mundubile who is also leader of opposition in Parliament adding that the council chair should also not side with any party.

“We are asking the council secretary not to be controlled by Mr Mundubile who is aspiring for PF presidency. We also expect Mr Nkole (Council Chairperson) not to side with any party, his role is to work with the community,” Mr Chunga said.

But Mporokoso Town Council Secretary Thinkwell Mwamba has refuted the claims from the UPND cadres.

Mr Mwamba told ZANIS in an interview in Mporokoso yesterday that the allegations are unfounded.

He explained that as a council employee, he is not influenced by anyone but is working in line with the agenda of the government of the day.

And Mporokoso Council Chairperson Nick Nkole advised the Council Secretary to conduct sensitization with the community on the procedure for getting contracts.

He said people should know how they can apply and get contracts from CDF.

And when contacted for a comment, Mporokoso District Commissioner Brian Muyuni also advised ruling party supporters to familiarise themselves with procedures for accessing contracts under CDF.

Mr Muyuni further advised UPND supporters not to rush in closing government when they feel aggrieved.

He explained that President Hakainde Hichilema has clearly given his position that he does not support caderism in any form

The District Commissioner has since urged cadres to follow the right procedure when addressing issues that affect them.


  1. The biggest disease that we must cure in Zambia is poverty. Poverty stricken cadres see their elected President as the messiah. Some even sit back to await rewards because their candidate has won elections. As poverty increases this attitude becomes dangerous. They see those that advance themselves as beneficiaries of their sweat. Poverty can’t be fought by a messiah in Lusaka. Get to work and improve yourselves. There isn’t much to gain from politics. Soon they’ll start to claim that they have been neglected because they haven’t benefitted from their efforts to unseat the PF. Government isn’t formed to benefit Party supporters alone. 5yrs is too long for you sit and wait for Bally to fix it. Do something for yourselves. It’s gross indiscipline to close government offices

  2. I will echo Ayatollah’s comment. When people do not have an education, employment or an understanding of what it means toto support a party (or a combination of all three) they believe that they should sit back and receive brown envelopes.
    Even the approach to CDF is form a cooperative, receive money. Wait for next year and apply again. I will be very surprised if CDF makes people self sufficient.
    We need to change our mindset as Zambians, and the government should adopt a mantra of all youths either at school or at work. Everything else is folly.

  3. Patriotic Front is dead or dying fast just like UNIP, MMD etc…nothing to fear my guys.I will donate a coffin and pay its mortuary fees.

  4. Money comes by productive not by doing nothing. In fact getting a loan from CDF is not a right. Eight hours doing nothing or waiting for a loan indefinitely is unproductive. CDF funds are for all Zambian.

  5. The main issue here is. Is it true that the council has awarded all the 18 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects for 2022 to PF cadres amd how?

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