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HH Determined To Turn Zambia Into Anti-China Outpost To Please His Western Masters, Charges Chama


Former Defence minister Davies Chama has charged that President Hakainde Hichilema and his administration are very determined to be used by the west to turn Zambia into an anti-China outpost in Africa, when the nation should be pursuing the development of relations with all for development.

Speaking through an interview  Chama said the tweet by the head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has never been denied by the President that that the United States was trying to consolidate its influence on the Zambian government, saying that that was why people were asserting that the UPND administration is a puppet government of western administrations.

He said the events that have taken place including the memorandum of understandings signed, including the establishment of the AFRICOM office in the United States Embassy in Zambia, all went to show that “indeed president Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government are projecting the western influence against what Africa and Zambia have always stood for.”

“So it’s not surprising that the US Treasury secretary is coming to Zambia, and we have never heard Treasury Secretary of the United States of America ever visiting Zambia. I think this will be the first time,” Chama said.

But asked on the argument that the country needed cooperating partners in various spheres of national development, Chama said those in the western world have never been known to help African countries get out of poverty.

“Where have they helped anybody? Don’t be deceived. Where have they helped anybody in Africa to come out of their economic malaise or economic situation? Where? Right now they are pouring billions and billions of US Dollars in Ukraine. Have they poured those same billions of Dollars in Africa or in any country in Africa? So it’s not about helping the economic situation which is in our country. It has nothing to do with that. It has more to do with protecting their own interests and entrenching what they believe in. and you know wherever America has gone it’s purely about their interests. Not about your interests. Not about the interests of Zambia,” Chama said.

He charged that those from the western world were more interested in Zambia because they want to use President Hichilema and his administration to turn Zambia into an anti-China and anti-Russia outpost.

“That’s their interests and that’s what President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government are promoting. And you know that in the UN when there was that vote to condemn Russia, they voted in support with the Americans and other western powers. So they have completely shifted the non-aligned position that we have always held together with the rest of the SADC region and the rest of Africa. We are basically promoting the interests of the west against the solidarity of our colleagues in Africa and in SADC,” said Chama. “And you have heard that or read somewhere where the South African military will be conducting joint military operations with China and Russia because they believe in strong principles because you need to support people who have always supported you, when you needed them most. During the liberation struggle the Americans were not with us and they have never been with us. So whenever they want to come and whatever they are doing it’s purely their own interest, not about the interest of the Zambia.”


  1. Unfortunately there is a measure of truth to what Davis Chama is saying. That being said, Chama should realise that the reason why HH is dancing in the wind to these Western countries is precisely because Davis Chama, Edgar Lungu, Michael Sata borrowed an unpayable US $31 billion, $25 billion from these Western countries. You stupid ***** Davis Chama, the reason why they gave you money you could not pay back was to be able to control you the way they are controlling HH. It is your fault more than it is his.

  2. Chama…………

    Name a country in Africa that Russia and China has helped out of poverty ????

    Or name a country in the world that Chinese investment has helped into developed status ????

    If you think China or Russia comes to your aid because they care about zambia, you are very naive and backwards……..

    SADC ?????

    Ever since its inception, SADC has promoted tin pot dictators. The SADC region remains poorer than when that useless grouping was formed………

    • Spaka you are either very dumb or deliberately ignorant. And did Europe develop any African country?
      What a foolish question! Name a country in Africa that Russia and China has helped out of poverty ???? I name Zambia.
      Britain refused to support your KK when he imposed sanctions on Rhodesia taking you into deep poverty.
      Thatcher refused to fund Zambia’s alternative route to the sea. China which wasnt even a world power then and with an economy that was 60th in the world came and constructed Tazara. They still continue to construct your infra-structure while the US and Britain enjoy the wealth from your mineral resources.

    • Smith and Vorster started bombing you and Britain refused to help you with arms. China USSR and Yugoslavia came to your rescue supplying you with Migs tanks and battlefield rifles. They trained your soldiers.
      Yes you too, name a country in the world that European investment has helped into developed status ???? The entire West Africa is being robbed daily by France and you are cheering on your slave masters because you yearn to eat their crumbs

  3. Wrong, very wrong. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee does not define US foreign policy and does not speak on behalf of the US federal government. It’s the same with PF Members of Parliament who sit on the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Zambian parliament. They do not define the UPND government’s foreign policy but are free to express their opinions on it.

  4. Every government has the right to choose its friends. The ANC government in South Africa is pro-China and pro-Russia. The Nationalist government before it was pro-western. One day, PF may return and it too will choose its friends. UPND has not made China an enemy, but PF makes the west an enemy. Do not make PF enemies UPND enemies.

  5. Just pay the Chinese what you owe them, you haven’t learnt anything from Zanu PF. While theoretically Zimbabwe is independent, practically, it is now a satellite of China. This is largely a consequence of Zanu PF entanglements with the sadistic communist party of China, which is also the motivation behind Zanu pf futile one-party state aspirations, punctuated by a sadistic, criminal party and paralyzed or failing state conflation. The people are massively displaced so that the resources mongering China can be accommodated, without compensation.

  6. ‘ by the head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has never been denied by the President that that the United States was trying to consolidate its influence on the Zambian government’

    This tweet: ‘ It was a pleasure to meet with
    today during his first visit to D.C. as president. We discussed the great opportunity before Zambians to build a stronger, more democratic nation. We are committed to supporting #Zambia in this journey.’

    Where does the tweet say what Chama says it says? PF just fishing for an issue. They have nothing.

  7. This site ‘moderates’ sentences that state positive things about China or Russia. It’s no joke. ‘Moderates’ is just another word for ‘censors’

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