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Socialist Party Leader Dr. Fred M’membe Calls on UPND to Admit Failure and Address Escalating Poverty in Zambia


Dr. Fred M’membe, the leader of the Socialist Party (SP), has called on the United Party for National Development (UPND) to accept that they have failed to deliver on their promises to the Zambian people. Speaking on a radio program in Kasama District, Dr. M’membe stated that Zambians have now seen that they entrusted their vote in “liars” who have failed to improve the livelihood of the people.

Dr. M’membe cited the recent by-election in Kapanda ward, Lukashya Constituency, as evidence that the people are no longer willing to tolerate lies from politicians. He said, “We didn’t go there with problems, it is people ego gave us the problems. In Kapanda ward. The problems the people have are many. They were promised that the price of fertilizer was going to be at K250. Today it is over K1250. Fuel today, is 27 kwacha. The current Government is full of lies. That’s the message they were giving us. Not us telling them.”

The Socialist Party leader also criticized the escalating levels of poverty in the country, particularly in Northern Province. He stated that nothing has changed since the UPND came into power and that poverty has continued to increase. He said, “The entire country, Northern Province is number 3 on the poorest. Ubupina bulasebanya. Their slogan was bally will fix it, you can’t be lying to people. The people are not happy… there are no jobs. There are no jobs in the private sector. The private sector Is disoriented. A lot of things have gone wrong. The UPND should have the courage of saying they have failed.”

Dr. M’membe also highlighted that the UPND have abandoned their slogan “Bally will Fix it” and adopted a new one “Give Us More Time”. He said, “People have now adjusted how they used to eat from having three meals per day to only eating once. As if that is not enough, the Government has continued exporting electricity much to the disadvantage of businesses such as barbershop, welding and salons.”

Dr. M’membe called on all political players to pay attention to what the people are saying before criticizing the government. He said, “Unlike liars who go to the people with a lot of promises, the Socialist Party went to Kapanda and paid attention to the needs of the people. Be courageous and tell the people that you have failed to deliver on your promises, that’s what UPND needs to do.”


  1. Your tax evasion bwana M’membe contributed to the national debt problem.

    You’re accusing your friends of telling lies while lying to the same people that there will not be poverty under your administration. Bakolwe baiseka ifipato!

  2. The UPND have not caused any economic crisis but inherited it. So I do not know what this man is talking about. Fred M’membe had said publicly that if the 2021 elections had not produced a clear winner, his party would have backed Edgar Lungu in the ensuing re-run. M’membe’s hatred for HH is boundless and pointless.

  3. Indeed the UPND are liars. HH told the people that he had solutions to their problems and some of them were within hours of being sworn in, like the Kwacha exchange rate. Sampoman is now asking for more time whilst blaming the PF for everything. If he had told the people that he was going to heap the blame on the PF no one was going to vote for him except his kinsmen

    • You campaign in poetry but govern in prose. Campaign language is about getting into office. It’s therefore not in long sentences.

  4. Fred Mmembe has poor credentials to cast any stone to UPND. We agree with Zambians on this site that Fred Membe created PF regime that economically destroyed this nation. Fred who often called late president on first name basis used to boast that “Michael” will bring much development to Zambia with more money in your pockets”. Fred Membe was in the process evading huge tax with his Post Newspaper. Fred was untouchable – a better cut above all of us Zambians. Fred had lucrative haulage business with his fleet of trucks. Fred was rude and arrogant and to avoid being out done by legal implications enrolled to do law at UNZA. Such is his egoistic for power and wealth that surrounds the persona of Fred Membe unfit for public office.

  5. Just a reminder to Fred
    The UPND has won 21 out of 25 elections even after removing subsidies on fuel , allowing for cost reflective electricity connection fees and restructuring the agric-sector fertilizer supply chain.
    This shows that what is important for Zambians is peace and stability, free education for their children and increased self-employment opportunities through CDF, CEEC funding etc.

  6. Can anything good come out of Cuba? copy and paste in Zambia..Pantu abena Zambia Bakatampa ulafwala utosote twa Green…What type of country will that be?

    • The only thing I chose to understand was your first sentence; otherwise I do not speak that second language. To answer that dumb statement, since did Cuba become a part of Zambia?

  7. FM the wanna be scribe and shibukeni lawyer…MCS described you as an accounts clerk for an insurance company…you bwana were at the helm of destroying good people structures etc…when LPM came to office together with the fat desk lawyer you laughed your way to the bank…and when MCS took charge he felt he owed you…your unpaid scribes suddenly were in missions abroad or PS…they lined their pockets you evaded tax …

  8. M’membe failed to pay taxes and supported PF which brought poverty/debts.He should be the last person to speak on these issues, Bwana Hypocrite.

  9. The main picture behind Fred’s photo tell it all … he’s a puppet of the late Fidel Castro and Cuba — a country whose citizens have continued to risk their lives crossing the ocean seeking asylum in the United States, and a country whose citizens live in socioeconomic conditions that are reminiscent of the fifteen century. How can an individual be so fascinated by another human being, Castro?

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