Thursday, May 30, 2024

Zambian Ambassador Warns MoUs are Mere Promises, Urges Caution in Interpreting Government Announcements”


In a recent episode of “The Analysis,” a Sunday evening program on KBN TV, Ambassador Anthony Mukwita warned Zambians not to get excited about announcements of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) signed by the government, as they are “mere promises.” He was reacting to news of a $2 billion Solar energy MoU that Zambia has signed with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) company Masdar, which could add 2000 megawatts to the Zambian power grid if actualized.

Ambassador Mukwita acknowledged that the government of President Hakainde Hichilema is making efforts to address the critical power situation in Zambia, but urged caution in interpreting MoUs. He emphasized that MoUs sometimes amount to nothing if not followed up diligently, saying “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.”

The Ambassador also expressed concern about government officials boasting about a supposed more than 50 percent increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Zambia, stating that these are just pledges, and actual investments may not materialize.

The program’s co-host, Pastor Kennedy Mambwe, lamented the fact that the cost of living in Zambia has dipped so low in recent months, leading to poverty and crime. He called on the government to fulfill its campaign promises of reducing the prices of essential goods such as mealie meal, fertiliser, and fuel to help cushion the suffering of majority Zambians.

The Analysis, which is available on KBN TV, DSTV, Go Tv, and Facebook, aims to add a balanced voice to the socio-economic and political discourse in Zambia in an issue-based and objective fashion.


  1. He knows about them because he was good at lieing to us when he was in Germany…remember the cheap Internet he promised from German investors.

  2. Antony Mukwita as former ambassador is a disgrace to peddle perceptions of the unschooled. Today, economically there is a world melt down. Any intelligent being who is in touch with current world economic activities knows about this state of world affair. The unschooled will insist why there are difficulties today and attribute it to the current regime. Mukwita should be the first one to explain realistically what economic factors were at play today. Zambians know what MoUs stand for and need no further explanation. As former amabassador based in a more advanced economy should understand better the economic matrix on the world stage. Having done so, would explain to Zambians in tandem with the current regime agenda on development. Asking why the dollar is still high is for the unschooled.

  3. Ba Ambassador serious Governments don’t sign off MoUs very lightly , indeed it has the least binding articles but they are drawn up after much consultations and by experts. So to argue that an MoU is a mere pledge is a misplaced analysis, and we know you miss the days of leaving your mercedes benz vehicle running as you slept in your room….so please stand aside come and judge us at the end of our first term and if we fail we shall be the first to raise our hands in the air and say we are guilty, but for now allow as room to work…

  4. He’s not an Ambassador to start with, lest people associate him with the New Dawn government. These are low profile people picked from the streets and appointed by PF as their cadres in to foreign service.

  5. Tarino Orange …do you sleep with your phone in your hands? I am asking because you’re definitely LT’s most loyal client.

    • He is a retarded lonely fat old unemployed f00I living off state benefits. He has not legalised his papers there and is stuck. So he spends all his time blogging amafi all day.

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