Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Cholera might strike if people become careless-Kasonka


Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, Lackson Kasonka has advised the public to enhance personal hygiene.

Professor Kasonka noted that the current weather situation makes water to be stagnant, hence the need to observe high hygiene practices.

He told ZANIS that Zambia risks recording cases of cholera in the near future if people do not enhance personal hygiene.

He has since urged the public to ensure that they dispose of waste in designated places to avoid outbreaks of communicable diseases.

Professor Kasonka further noted that the issue of cholera outbreaks is not a medical problem but one that requires people to practice good sanitation.

He said Zambia is one of the countries where cholera is very active during heavy rains.

He has therefore called for concerted efforts with various stakeholders, including the media, to help sensitise the general public on preventive measures.

“Looking at the current weather situations in the country, cholera is likely to strike, thus the public should practice cleanliness in their homes and in the public facilities,” Prof. Kasonka stated.

The Permanent Secretary also disclosed that the outbreak of cholera in neighbouring Malawi has increased the likelihood of Zambia getting the disease.

He therefore implored the members of the public to ensure that they wash hands after using the toilet, avoid eating unwashed fruits and not well-prepared foods from the streets.

The Permanent Secretary said that the fight against cholera requires the participation of all citizens.


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