Monday, June 24, 2024

Motivational Speaker Felix Banda dies


Renowned motivational speaker, Felix Banda, popularly known as Galamukani, has died.

Family friend Chibamba Kanyama confirmed that Mr. BANDA died at the University Teaching Hospital in the early hours of today.

Mr. Kanyama said Zambia has lost a great motivational speaker who contributed to the success of many through his works.

He said Mr. Banda was not only a good motivational speaker but a great entrepreneur who also contributed immensely in the corporate world.

Mr. Kanyama further described Mr. BANDA as a focused and hard working person.He said Mr. Banda was dedicated to his work to an extent that even during his illness, he still worked.

Mr. Banda leaves behind a wife and three children.

Felix Banda used to feature as a guest motivational speaker on a ZNBC’s Business Values TV programme hosted by Chibamba Kanyama.

He would always close his segment on the show with “Galamukani” meaning wake up.



  1. Alot of young men are dying under this regime. I interacted with Felix on a number of occasions. Chankalipa. Rip comrade

  2. In the old days reports about the deaths of any notables explained the cause of death as stated by doctors and the age of tedeceased. Nowadays its all halfbaked stuff yetreporters have more implements than those of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s

    • Exactly
      Very disappointing so-called article.
      I was hoping to read something new as the news of his passing has already spread. But alas, LT is a copy and paste from other social media sites. Almost zero input of their own!

  3. Every death is timely. Prepare for your families as this is headed your directions. There’s no running away. Nature has a way to regulate numbers. If you want to prove that, check how many are over 90 in the world. We used to have a child every two years, you guys smithed to 1 child every year, nature also changed how many it take per year. You godly people believe god chose your days. So, there’s no untimely death in the Bible.

  4. Galamukani was a gifted and talented young man who I met during my niece’s wedding where featured as MC. He proved to be wise and focused. We have indeed lost a national asset. MHSRIP

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