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Anthony Bwalya is happy that he is going to Serve Zambia in another capacity-UPND


The United Party for National Development (UPND) has issued a statement condemning the use of tribalism for political expediency in response to the redeployment of Anthony Bwalya from his position as presidential spokesperson to a role in foreign service.

UPND Chairman for Energy, Charles Kaisala, stated that it is “embarrassing if not shameful for Zambians, especially those who aspire to lead this country to use tribalism for political expediency.” He went on to say that, “Clearly, some opposition leaders are unapologetic and are shameless tribalists who are now lurching on the redeployment of Mr Anthony Bwalya from State House as presidential spokesperson to foreign service.”

Mr. Kaisala emphasized that Mr. Bwalya is a Zambian who deserves every opportunity as a Zambian to contribute to the country’s development in a position that the government feels is appropriate. He also accused the opposition of having difficulty finding substantive issues to decampaign President Hakainde Hichilema due to his focus on removing poverty in Zambia, “We know that the opposition are having challenges and painful sleepless nights to pick out issues of substance to decampaign President Hakainde Hichilema because of his focus on removing the shame of poverty Zambians have been subjected to in the last ten years.”

He went on to highlight President Hichilema’s efforts to improve the lives of Zambians, such as free education from Grade one to 12 and the increase in Constituency Development Funds from a meaningless 1.6 million kwacha to 28.3 million kwacha, “President Hichilema’s focus is to economically emancipate the general citizenry from abject poverty. And on this one, he is making massive strides. Who can argue against free education from Grade one to 12? Who can argue against the increase in Constituency Development Funds from a meaningless 1.6 million kwacha to 28.3 million kwacha? What about the payment of retirees within three months of leaving a job unlike the years on end they used to suffer in the PF?”

Mr. Kaisala also accused the opposition of trying to push a divisive tribal agenda in response to Mr. Bwalya’s redeployment and stated that the opposition’s schemes will not work, as Zambians are able to see through them. He urged the opposition to focus on providing checks and balances on issues that will improve the livelihoods of the people instead of promoting tribal conflict. He said “Politicians should not politicise Mr Bwalya’s redeployment as a political comeback because they will be embarrassed. First of all, according to his Facebook posting, Mr Bwalya is happy that he is going to serve the country in another capacity. Can the doomsayers tell us when Mr Bwalya complained about this redeployment.”

The statement also highlighted the redeployment of other public officials, such as Leslie Mbula and Emmanuel Mwamba, in the past without any talk of tribalism, “The respected Leslie Mbula was Secretary to Cabinet in charge of all civil servants but was redeployed to South Africa as High Commissioner reporting to the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but there was no talk. Emmanuel Mwamba was permanent secretary but was appointed high commissioner to South Africa which people are saying is a lower position but there was no talk.”

Mr. Kaisala urged politicians to sober up and work towards overcoming the challenges facing the country rather than promoting divisive tribalism, “Let’s sober up. Our country has a lot of challenges which needs overcoming. It is a shame that some political greenhorn wants to ride the tribal card.


  1. Life in politics is a waste. Do you remember how you and Mubita Nawa displayed fake NRCs and made wild claims about them? You did all that to get to where you’re now? It’s better you resign and get a job in the private sector. You might end up in prison soon. You are too young to be the center of discussion for weeks. Reflect on your life and that of your young family

    • This boy Anthony Bwalya is from an HR background ..he has a powerful CV with State House on it; he would have easily told his boss to not give him a position. He could easily get a position as a Country Director in an International NGO rather than sitting in the embassy answering to an Ambassdor.

  2. This is what poverty can do. You loss your sense of self respect and pride. This boy Anthony was a mere bloggers here on Lusaka times. He wrote articles constantly praising a tribal leader, who I Warned him about. The boy is so desperate that he will accept a demotion than resign for being a victim of tribalism. I worked in the president office and any position out of that office is a demotion Hahaha

  3. Anthony Bwalya like many of the individuals in the UPND media team were never qualified for the job, it was on the job training but there is no time for that at that level just look at the Minister of Information she is a mere empty suit. Anthony Bwalya is a human resource professional, the best HH would have done is nominate him his minister of Information rather than sending another cadre to the embassy. Anthony Bwalya no matter how you look at it this is a demotion….sometimes its good to swallow our pride and refuse these appointments.

  4. If he was sent to Brazil to join that fuul Tukuta, people would have not laughed at him, unfortunately he is sent as deputy ambassador to Northern Province.

    • Tukuta had to be sent very far because he was eating where the president eats too. Spending too much time with the first lady. Rumours were rife

  5. @Ayatollah
    And they make enemies everyday forgetting that very soon they will be private citizens again…but they know that Political life is too short so that’s the reason why they keep on switching camp like Kelvin Sampa who started with being a UNIP cadre then switched to MMD after MMD was out of Power he switched to PF and after PF he the switched to UPND….Anthony Bwalya used to spend most of his time arguing with bloggers here on Lusaka Times during campaigns….just from his writing skills you could tell that he wasn’t a Journo but just a modern day wannabe journalist whose only qualification is a smart phone and Airtel bundles and am sure even working as a diplomat is an ok Job for him looking at his background

  6. If it’s true that Anthony Bwalya received a bribe from Saudi Arabia and the only “punishment” he gets is to be sent to a lower job in Tanzania, then the entire Upnd is rotten. If it’s true, the chap should be handed over to the relevant agency for action.

  7. Kawalala ni kawalala, this is like moving a problem somewhere else. They are putting him closer to the source of our fuel in Tanzania. These politicians are full of abra ka dabra.

  8. Anthony is happy to leave State House as presidential Spokesperson because he’s free from the yolk of telling lies on behalf of Bally Muntu Wabufi (BMW). Do you assume it was an easy job? Aikona man!! AB farewell, you’re now going to sun bask in Dar-es-Salaam sand beaches reading newspapers all day long as opposed to telling lies in the morning, in mid-day, in the afternoon and just before going to bed, making you unable to say a good night prayer before God due to filthy contamination of his heart. Free at last!!

  9. Hes happy that he hasn’t been prosecuted for corruption. Serve the country? Perhaps serve Upnd. He wasn’t a civil servant who can be moved from one department to another. He was a political appointee therefore blocking career civil servants and denying them their hard earned promotions

  10. Anthony Bwalya was used as a Bemba face just to try and hide UPND Tonga tribalism. Him and the others wrong are no longer needed in UPND. All the Chushi Kasandas will be gotten rid of to be replaced the Hamasakas. We told Anthony Bwalya so many times when he was busy carrying the book of lies for HH.

  11. You tribalists who told you, you are more important than other tribes. In 2022 Dr Sakwiba Musiwa was fired at the Ministry of Mines and Minerals by HH none of you raised a finger. Are lozis not Zambians. FOOLS….

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