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Lusangazi without power for three days


Some parts of Lusangazi district have gone for three days without power.

The power outage has been caused by a fault on the power utility company ZESCO distribution line that supplies the workers’ residential area and government administration offices.

According to reports, the power line developed a fault on Wednesday this week but ZESCO has not yet been to the area to establish the fault causing the power failure.

The power blackout has affected operations at Ukwimi Rural Health Center, Ukwimi Trades Training institute, Ukwimi Primary school, Ukwimi A Resettlement market.

The government housing area has also been plunged into blackout due to the electricity fault.

And Lusangazi District Commissioner, Mike Tembo has expressed disappointment over the delay by ZESCO to travel to the district to restore supply to the affected area.

Mr Tembo said it is surprising that ZESCO officers in Petauke are complaining of lack of transport when they are an essential institution that requires an operation vehicle to promptly respond to reports.

The District Commissioner is not happy that the ZESCO office in Petauke has continued to subject people in Lusangazi to power blackouts due to rectifiable faults in the midst of the load management.

“I’m very disappointed with the behaviour of ZESCO management at Petauke because they are always slow to attend to reports of power outages caused by technical fault and yet they are a big company so they must improve in those areas,” the District Commissioner said.

When contacted for a comment, ZESCO Area Manager Fedility Mapulanga, complained of not having a vehicle to carry out field operations as the only available transport is a big truck that cannot access Ukwimi due to the poor road network.

He has, however, promised that his office will before the end of today find means and ways of attending to a power fault in Ukwimi and establish what caused the power outage.

“As ZESCO Petauke we have a challenge of not having a van to respond quickly to such reports as we rely on transport from other districts because the field vehicle we currently have is a big truck which cannot manage to move on that bad road,” Mr Mapulanga said.


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