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Miles Sampa suspended from Patriotic Front


The opposition Patriotic Front-PF has with immediate effect suspended its Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa from the party’s Central Committee and from taking part in party activities for 6 weeks.

This follows a press briefing Mr Sampa held last week which the Party Secretariat has deemed to be in bad taste and highly condemned, adding that Mr Sampa disparaged his fellow party presidential aspirants.

Speaking during a media briefing held at the Patriotic Front Party Secretariat in Lusaka today, Acting Party President Given Lubinda mentioned that Mr Sampa`s briefing was entirely based on casting aspersions against other party members which the party has deemed as a recipe for anarchy and the danger to the unity of the party.

Mr Lubinda added that the decision was arrived at after a meeting was held by the central committee of which Mr Sampa was in attendance.

He said that some of the conditions of suspension include the banning Mr Sampa from participating and attending any party meetings during the said period and during this period he shall not make any public statement on behalf of the party.

“The Central Committee has been forced to invoke Article 61 of the Party Constitution to suspend Mr Sampa to set as an example to other erring party members,” he said

Meanwhile, the PF Party Secretariat has ordered a stop to any form of campaigns by PF aspiring presidential candidates as the Central Committee resolves on adopting new rules of engagement and campaigns for the forthcoming General Conference, adding that the campaigns will only resume after the party constitution is revised.

“Campaigns will only commence once the rules of engagement are agreed upon and voted by the party,” he said

And in responding to what new things the PF could have done now which they didnt do in the 10 years of being in power, Mr Lubinda stated that if the PF was still in power by now they could have started works on the Lusaka – Ndola dual carriage way and before doing that they could have started works on Kazungula because they couldn’t do everything at the same time and he added that being asked on things that they didnt do in the 10 years is like asking him if he has just become indilligent now, development is incremental which is not an event but rather a process.

“Having run the government for over 10 years, during that period there are many things that we started doing in the mining sector, and there are others that we said that when we cross 2021 there are other things we can do, for example , before 2021 elections, when gold was discovered, we said we are going to establish a company called Zamgold, for the reason of not wanting our gold to continue being exported without Zambia benefiting anything, because if you remember our Zambian emeralds where being auctioned in India where we take our emeralds to India where as even our own Zambia people travelled to India to take part in these auctions, that’s when we said this is wrong and let’s auction our emeralds in Zambia,” he said

And Mr Lubinda disclosed that the Patriotic Front wanted to establish a regulatory body to regulate the mining sector, and also ensure that the ownership of the mines is also in the hands of Zambians, because right now all the mines are owned by foreigners who do not even stay in Zambia and the Zambians are only left to run the mines on their behalf.

“The technology is amongst Zambians as they know how to mine and yet there are no Zambians who are shareholders,” he said

Mr Lubinda said that the Patriotic Front wanted to ensure that ZCCM-IH increases its share holding on behalf of Zambians, but instead theres a liquidation of their shares in some of the mines.


  1. Suspension of each other has started before the convention as warning shots. There will be more to come just before the convention to knock out some people out of the game.

  2. And very soon he will Join UPND….and they will welcome him…Politicians are sick in their heads…they bring up unnecessary fights so that can find their way out…..Miles Sampa is a chancer just like Christina Kaseba and Kelvin Sampa

    • I totally agree, Miles Sampa nimuselela kwakaba. UPND should not even make a mistake of welcoming him

  3. UPND cadres stop commenting on PF issues.PF is not a one man party decision making the way UPND is .No one is above the law in PF

  4. I don’t think Miles Sampa knows what he’s doing. He seems to have lost it long ago, even some questions that he raises in Parley makes one doubt whether he’s okay. There must be something wrong with him. The PF is weak but they don’t want to accept. They’ll soon be divided. That’s why they can’t be decisive. If they weren’t weak they wouldn’t have allowed GBM and CK to contest these elections. What can the 2 say in defense of the PF? And who’s going to listen to them? There must be decency in politics but it seems in Zambia everything goes

  5. Sampa is an ambitious chap but nothing upstairs…I am sure the timing of the suspension is just to exclude him from elections. PF in view have already hand picked the candidate they want elections are merely a formalities…this is a corrupt party to the core.

  6. So who has suspended Sampa is it MCC or Bo Lubinda the coward who was also suspended years ago by then SG Wynter Kabimba years ago…last week we heard that MCC had passed the matter to the Acting President. What is the point of MCC?

  7. Mr Sampa is on familiar ground. He’s left PF b4.
    Let him go start a family party that will have a pathetic following like Fred Mmembe’s

  8. The problem with Kaizar Zulu and such characters like Sampa, is they do not what they should with money that they have been stealing under PF. How can in Gods name someone hold a lavish wedding a Stadium amidst poverty in the country. How can someone buy one of the most whisky bottles to show everyone his richness. When fellow Zambians cannot even afford 3 meals per day. Stollen money make people to become lunatics and misbehave.

    • Hahaha I just laugh at you these days. There is no point responding to your nonsensical posts about me. You envy me. Work hard like me and you too will live a lavish life.

  9. These Pompwe Front chaps can steal even while in opposition! There’s word that Sampa pocketed party contribution from Ndambo.

  10. Why should praise singers get involved in the party they denounce day in day out. Is hypocricy and should be condemned in strongest terms. Discipline should prevail and PF have knodded that they blundered and it is nonsensical by praise singers intervene on internal matters of pf. Let us do mature politics in Zambia

  11. Reports are indicating sampa pocketed money ndambo gave him in the name of PF…………while sampa says its his incentive and the money is for his personal campaigns

  12. Miles sampa is a show-off politician and his resume does not resonate with him being a president!! he behaves to be transparent with the” money” he proffer everywhere he goes that is not the calibre of aspiring Presidential candidate!! belive me or not all that will be a thing of the past when he gets his presidency’s dream!!!

  13. The true colours of a non-democratic and intolerant party. They were worse in power. May God help us to get rid of this party forever. We need the Socialist Party to become the biggest opposition party in Zambia. PF, pfuma!

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