Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Chilufya Tayali released on police bond


Opposition Economic and Equity Party (EEP) leader Chilufya Tayali has been released on Police Bond awaiting court appearance.

Zambia Police Service Deputy Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale has confirmed the development to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka this evening.

Tayali, 48, of House Number 38 Ngwezi Road in Roma Township was arrested by the Police in Lusaka last week on Friday January 29, 2023 for the offence of Hate Speech Contrary to Section 65 of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Act No.2 of 2021.

Police said that Mr Tayali’s arrest was in connection with the recent remarks he allegedly made and posted on various social media platforms where he mentioned some traditional Chiefs and some Commanders from the Defence and Security wings.

This occurred between January 1and 29, 2023.


  1. This boy must have spent a night in every Police cell in Lusaka in the last 7 years …I hope he has businesses that provide him with passive income because now even the PF officials will keep away from him as he is now fighting with traditional leaders. No politican wants to be involved in such fruitless battles.

  2. Make those cells unpleasant for him………

    Get inmates to give him a beating each time to goes in…………

    He won’t want to go back again……….

  3. You were there for me when I was locked up by hevil hakainde. I too contributed to your release because that is what brothers do

  4. This functioning political illiterate if exhibited such primitive behaviour under PF as an opposition person would have been late Chalufya. UPND in its character as a civilised regime will continue to tolerate his noise making.

  5. I think this police bond thing is corruption in itself. These officers are abusing their powers to make ends meet. We have become a country of fixing each other. The cycle continues.

  6. Chilufya Tayali, freedom fighter. Not that id!!ot who is in Brazil. He has become a thorn in someone’s balls. Keep pushing and add fire. They have taken us for a ride by stifling freedom of expression.

  7. I think we should put them in a ring, abena Menomeno vs Chimbwili na ka “Tayankoko” as menomeno calls him, ku side so.

  8. Tayali swindled Ethiopians through calling himself as the main opposition leader in Zambia. Of course he has to have an insulting mouth to get arrested to prove that he is indeed the main opposition leader. Maybe with advise from Kaizar Zulu. But each time that hengelt arrested, he is questioned and thrown to the street. What next can this main opposition leaderbtell the Ethiopians?

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