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New Dawn Government is on course to fulfilling campaign promises-Kasanda


Minister of Information and Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda has said the New Dawn Government is on course to fulfilling campaign promises.

Critics have been accusing the UPND Government of failing to fulfill campaign promises that include lowering the cost of fertiliser, mealie meal and fuel.

Speaking at a press briefing held jointly with other cabinet ministers at the new government complex in Lusaka, Ms. Kasanda said fulfilling campaign promises is not an event but a five-year process.

Ms. Kasanda said certain campaign promises will be fulfilled earlier and others later.

“Let me also take this opportunity to respond to those saying that this government is not fulfilling its campaign promises, as per the Party manifesto.

My simple response is that fulfilling campaign promises is not an event. It is a process and it is a five-year process. We have done policy sequencing. Certain things will happen earlier and others later. We are on course. Check the Eighth National Development Plan and you will see that we are on course,” Ms. Kasanda said.

Meanwhile, Ms Kasanda has accused opposition Patriotic Front (PF) of funning tribalism in Zambia.

She charged that enemies of peace and unity have risen up to poison the minds of the Zambian people on tribal lines.

“As you may be aware, the United Party for National Development (UPND), and its Alliance partners, stands for national unity. We are in government to unite this country and better the lives of our people – nothing else. And whenever we hear that certain sections of society have risen to frustrate our efforts to unite the people of Zambia, we come out strongly to protect that which we believe in. We believe in:Unity in diversity;Equality before the law;Respect for the freedoms and rights of all citizens;Transparency – Accountability – Integrity and Social Justice. In the last few days, enemies of peace and unity have risen up to poison the minds of the Zambian people,as they did in the past. People who acquired and held on to political power, through the principle of divide and rule, have regrouped to continue with their agenda of making the Zambian people hate each other on tribal lines,” she said.

“I want to state that we are different from them. Our vision, as stated in our manifesto, is “to have a united and prosperous Zambia with equal opportunities across ethnic, religious and gender considerations, living in harmony in a free democratic society, thus carrying forward Zambia’s Vision 2030.”In line with our vision, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, has appointed a Cabinet comprising members from all regions of this country. Cabinet Ministers have been appointed even from provinces where we have no single Member of Parliament. The case in point is Luapula and Muchinga provinces. This is a clear demonstration that our President, your President, wants to unite this country. Another area that demonstrates that we are serious about uniting this country can be seen in equity treatment, with regards to Constituency Development Fund (CDF). All the 156 Constituencies receive CDF at the same time. No considerations about which constituency is in which region of the country,” Ms. Kasanda said.

She continued: “You may also consider mass recruitment of teachers and health workers, which were devoid of any regional or tribal considerations. Every Zambian has equal treatment under the UPND administration.

In September last year, the appointing authority removed Dr Sakwiba Masiwa, who was until then Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, there was no press conference by any opposition leader or political activist.”

“In August last year, the appointing authority removed Dr George Magwende from the position of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health; there was no press conference by any opposition leader or human rights activist. And now the appointing authority has reassigned Anthony Bwalya, suddenly there is talk. Society, through the media, must ask the question, why is this so?” Ms. Kasanda questioned.


  1. of course “umwine wa chisushi”…..but these Politicians what do they talk about on their dinner tables in their homes with their families….this woman is getting paid free money…free allowances

    • Better to have a stone on that position, just to say the truth this minister is doing nothing agent change should come as soon as possible.It is difficult for me to understand her role this minister she is playing.on fuel, zesco and mealie meal she is zipped sole William.

  2. It’s difficult for a person who has just had three course lunch to believe that someone has had no food for more than 24hrs.
    It’s difficult for someone on government allowances to believe that mealie meal at K225.00 is unaffordable.
    Who feels it knows…. even the Kwacha has taken a different direction to what was promised.

  3. The fact that you had to have a “defensive” meeting is enough indicator that the situation is desperately hopeless.
    Just listen to Felix Mutati..all he had to say was about how HH is a man of his word.

  4. So long as you deal with hate-speech like its ja tavern issue, the country will go on bleeding – get serious! The law must annihilate these mwankoles, bare-knuckles! If in doubt look at Zimbabwe’s dichotomy, RSA’s free-fall or the US powder-keg left by one-term President, one Donald Trump; We should never look back in regret. Yes you are on course but statements like the Veep’s just rouse-up chagrin! BTW the French found use of guillotines amicable after their King talked of cake as an alternative to missing bread !!

  5. Mealie meal is at K 230.00, Fuel price K 27.50, farming inputs distribution was a mess, fertilizer K 1250.00
    what on course are you talking about.
    Madam it’s foolish of you to start adding salt to the wound. If you have nothing to say shut up, you will not die by keeping quiet.

  6. So in short you are saying we have to wait for the last year before elections to ser these campaign promises being fulfilled?

  7. I Mwe ba chushi , the only promises Zambians want your government to fulfil is lowering the cost of living this is the only bone of contention, if you reduce the price of fuel the price of ubunga end load shedding the prices of essential commodities in general people will call you a success story .
    As long as people continue to sleep on empty stomachs though the list is endless then just forget and stop harasing your political opponents

  8. Indeed with the damage left by the PF, repair will naturally take time, and by the way Madam you are doing your job in a very professional manner, in the past, a Chief government spokesperson used to respond to anything something which some people want up to now, but i like it that you are now busy with work and only responding when it is relevant and to what is relevant. You are on course, yes things are bad, but with the huge debt they left it cannot be automatic transition to the promised land

  9. The so called ” New dawn” has now started speaking in “tongues” to confuse their employer (the electorate). The vice president wakes up one morning and tells the nation that the UPND has fullfiled all the peoples’s expectations, the president of UPND and head of state wakes up and tells the nation ” We spent 249 Million US dollars to build the Kazungula bridge, the minister of information tells the nation that they are still on course towards the fullfilment of their campaign promises and that employers are reffered to the 8th National development plan… Waoool what a Govt? Not sure when their speeches will be complete without mentioning the PF. This obbsesion on PF by UPND will just make PF popular.

  10. Mealie meal is at K 230.00, Fuel price K 27.50, farming inputs distribution was a mess, fertilizer K 1250.00
    what on course are you talking about.
    Madam it’s foolish of you to start adding salt to the wound. If you have nothing to say shut up, you will not die by keeping quiet.
    Some people …

    • Please ignore this UK based Troll…it has no relation to the people it has mentioned real KZ never mentions anyone!!

  11. This is a Govt Spokesperson who they can not trust alone as they know her limitations…then the question is why keep her in the job?

    • You are a slow upnd cadre. Silly question, can’t you see she is sekxy. Hh alelyapo. Ifwe twalilyapo kale. Let him eat my leftovers

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