Friday, February 23, 2024

Socialist Party President Demands Immediate Release of Chilufya Tayali


The President of the Socialist Party, Fred M’membe, has condemned the arrest and detention of the opposition leader Chilufya Tayali. Mr. Tayali, the President of the Economic and Equity Party (EEP), was arrested for alleged hate speech connected to remarks he made and posted on various media platforms.

After sending his assistants to locate Mr. Tayali, he was found at the Westwood Police Station, approximately 35 km from the Lusaka central business district. According to Mr. M’membe, the arrest and detention of Mr. Tayali is malicious, vindictive and unjustifiable in a society that aspires to be a multiparty democracy.

Mr. Tayali himself stated that he has not committed any crime to warrant his arrest and detention and accused the government of being scared of diverse views and making unnecessary arrests of innocent citizens. Despite being in good spirits, Mr. Tayali is on hunger strike to protest his detention.

In response to this situation, President M’membe has demanded the immediate release of Mr. Tayali and an end to his ongoing persecution. The arrest and detention of Mr. Tayali have sparked outrage and concern among citizens who are calling for justice and respect for human rights.


  1. Hard to deal with nuisance such as Tayali!

    Perhaps he’s being haunted by the innocent blood of Nsama and Kaunda – MTSRIP?

  2. Release him immediately!! Zambia is not an autocratic state so please release the “Kapenta fish” and deal with the “Tigerfish” looking to swallow our resources instead.

  3. Not sure whether it is ignorance or not. Release of somebody is not dependent on what the socialist party wants, there are a number of factors that are looked into, whether the case is bondable, gravity of offence, flight risk issue and a whole lot of others. So please allow law enforcement agencies do their job

  4. The law says arrest someone and charge them within 48 hours. Any detention longer than that is an affront to human rights and constitutes extra judicial punishment.
    I disagree with Tayali in a number of things, but that doesn’t mean he ought to be picked up on a Sunday and kept in cells for no reason.
    This heavy handedness will only work against the UPND.

  5. Yes we demand our court jester be released before weekend otherwise weekend will be boring without his entertainment. You can put him back in on monday!

  6. Police are playing games with this boy………..

    Just get inmates to brutalise him………

    He won’t want to go back to the cells………

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