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EU to provide 50 million Euros towards health, education


The European Union is set to provide 50 million euros to the government in the education and health sectors.

EU Team Leader Social Sectors and Governance, Bogdan Stefanescu announced in Solwezi during a courtesy call on Provincial Administration that the assistance will target early childhood education and teenage pregnancies among others.

He also noted that North-Western Province has been picked to be supported by the EU in the area of infrastructure development in the education sector because of the population of Solwezi that has tripled thereby putting pressure on infrastructure.

Mr Stefanescu noted that the assistance is also in response to President Hakainde Hichilema who has prioritized education through the free education policy.

He said once completed; the projects will be transferred to government.

The EU Team Leader further noted that focusing on education only was not enough hence his team would engage the province to find an approach that tackles malnutrition at household level.

Speaking earlier, North-Western Province Permanent Secretary, Colonel Grandson Katambi thanked the EU for the intervention adding that the province had a total population of 1.3 million people as of the recent census which has put pressure on infrastructure.

The Permanent Secretary assured the EU that all the monies that will be put into the programme will be used for the benefit of the Zambian people.


  1. Africans when are we going to be able to depend on ourselves…there’s nothing like free money… exchange what is the EU getting from Zambia….minerals oncourse….HH IS ON A RAMPAGE AUCTIONING EVERYTHING

  2. Africa will only be free if politicians, like the PF did to us, stop stealing and looting the people’s money. We should never ever vote for a gang like the PF gang

  3. This aid had been frozen before HH became President of Zambia. If the money is spent properly, more money could come our way. Of course HH’s critics will accuse the EU of tribalism for choosing North-Western province.

    • Freezing the aid is the best thing that can happen to Zambia. Why should a resource rich country like Zambia depend on handouts?

    • How much money did your PF leave in coffers? A mere $3billion against $14 billion in debt (Kaloba) and you say things were good. Rubbish

  4. Zambian people do not want handouts. What we want is to trade our way out of poverty. People should be worried that a donor can pin point where they want to manipulate. Let them donate towards our debt cancellation if they want us to take them seriously otherwise, this is bribery and interference in our internal affairs. Wait and see the strings attached to this.

    • This is cash for influence and then they will use their media to say Africans are corrupt. Now look whose proving the bribery. NWP should keep it’s gold, copper and oil in the ground.

  5. This should not even be news headlines with all that God has blessed this land with.. Its such a shame that the future leaders are just flipping useless keyboard warriors with no patriotism at all..If there was unity of purpose in Zambia we should have been one of the best countries in Africa because we have it all…

  6. If you think it’s free money from the West just ask Zambians in the diaspora how they hound you if you don’t pay your taxes….and gullible Zambians back home think the west can donate US$50 million for free….these donations are actually making us poor

    • What is so upsetting is that these small donations are funds taken from the profits they make from our natural resources. Zambians have fallen victim to a big lie that a saviour will return to rescue our country. The same EU giving you this money have much bigger problems on their door step.

  7. Before August 2022 they were telling us that Zambia has money today we are receiving hand outs like street boys, and these moneys don’t be fooled that they came in our zambian central bank ni booza they only thing which will came to Zambia is a paper the real money remains kwabo kubazungu

  8. “the assistance will target early childhood education and teenage pregnancies among others”…”his team would engage the province to find an approach that tackles malnutrition at household level”….is this based on research? or a spin

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