Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Human activities in wetlands worry Govt


Government says it is concerned with the human activities that have caused a threat to the ecosystem especially in wetlands.

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Elijah Muchima cited the invasion of alien species, mining, draining and damming among others as activities that have a huge potential of affecting the local communities and the economy at large.

The Minister was speaking at the commemoration of the World Wetland Day held in Lochinvar National Park in Monze district in Southern province today.

And International Crane Foundation Regional Manager, Mwape Sichilongo said wetlands are the most endangered ecosystem.

Mr Sichilongo requested government to consider investing more in the management and restoration of wetlands.

At the same occasion World Wide Fund (WWF) Acting Conservation Manager, Moses Nyirenda appealed to government to ensure that the wetlands are protected.

And Chief Nalubamba said the traditional leadership is committed to working with stakeholders in order to restore the wetlands as they are of benefit to the local people.

Ha lamented that the grazing pasture has degraded, and the wildlife stick has also decreased due to human activities.


  1. But you are the government. Do something to arrest the situation. You failed to recover ,Forest 27 and now you are letting wetlands go to the dogs? You are slowly becoming a toothless government

  2. Can government look into repossesing a wetland in Sinda eastern province which I am reliable informed was sold to Sable transport

  3. Those Wetlands are our lands. We grew from those zibanda, our forefathers died in those lands. So this Minister should be serious with what he does.

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