Friday, February 23, 2024

ZICA launches mentorship programme


The Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) has implored upcoming Accountants to develop their skills and enhance innovation in order to increase their participation in national development.

ZICA President, Cecilia Zimba says anyone taking up Accounts as a profession needs to be determined and well equipped with modern skills and technology in order to excel in the profession which is perceived to be male- dominated.

Speaking during the launch of the Forum for Zambia Women Accountants (FZWA) mentorship programme aimed at capacitating upcoming Accountants especially the women folks in Lusaka, Ms Zimba encouraged women not to shun taking up a course in Accounts.

She observed that (FZWA) has realised the importance of offering practical skills to the Accounting fraternity such as students, licentiates among others in a bid to enhance their understanding of the profession to foster development in the country.

Ms Zimba urged those who want to venture into the mathematics profession to continuously sharpen their skills to suit with new dynamics currently trending on the market globally.

And a seasoned and accomplished Accountant, Wesley Beene advised the upcoming Accountants to be resilient as they apply their profession and not to give up when faced with challenges in the course of their duty.

Mr Bene who is also a Grant Thornton partner, urged the upcoming Accountants to be eager to learn from their peers and put to practice what they learn for them to become experienced.

He encouraged women to treat accountancy like any other career by attempting it, adding that the profession is not a preserve of men only.

“The aim of this FZWA mentorship programme is to draw more women to take up Accountancy in a quest to give back to the profession and develop the country,” he said.

He said through the platform, members can access experienced and trusted advisors to work towards their individual objectives.

The FZWA mentorship programme which is tailored to impart modern skills and ethics to upcoming accounting fraternity will run for nine months.


  1. ZICA persuaded government to create the post of account-general in the Ministry of Finance. The government was told that this would reduce the incidence of financial malpractice in handling public funds. The reality is that this has not happened. Whn will ZICA ask their member the accountants general what is going on? Ms Cecilia Zimba is this too much to ask?

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