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Will Edgar Lungu Pull a Quick One?


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst

When you hear someone like Charity Banda, the deposed Lusaka province Chairlady, say there’re machinations to dribble certain PF presidential aspirants out of the race and impose former president Edgar Lungu as a torch bearer in the 2026 elections; take time to analyze the developments in the former ruling party before you dismiss her assumptions. It’s increasingly becoming clear by the day that there are actually outrageous Machiavellian maneuvers to facilitate the possible return of ba Lungu to the throne.

If at all there’s one individual with ultra-presidential ambitions in PF, it is no other than the PF acting party president himself, bo Given Lubinda, AKA Zayelo! This is something that he has never attempted to shy away from like many other cowards in our political dispensation. If you may recall, he was actually one of the contenders in quest to replace Michael Sata at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority. At the end of the day, Edgar Lungu claimed the crown by a mere show of hands with bo Lubinda going on to serve as Justice Minister, even though he had never been to any law school himself, and he would put his charm and charisma to greater use defending the notorious Bill 10! Doesn’t it therefore bother you that of all the people, bo Lubinda’s name is missing from the list of candidates positioning themselves for an eventual showdown with HH in 2026?

The author has endeavoured to critically analyze the unfolding events in the former ruling party and safely arrived at this theory. Brian Mundubile, the PF Legal Affairs Chairman, who also doubles as leader of the opposition in parliament, appears to be the favourite to take over the mantle as party president. And he seemingly enjoys tacit approval from both the acting party president bo Lubinda and of course, the former president Edgar Lungu. However, Mundubile is a stranger in PF. His roots are firmly anchored in MMD just like the other two candidates Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and Emmanuel Mwamba.

Given this background, Mundubile cannot easily marshal the support of the grassroots, hardcore adherents that easily connect with the likes of Miles Sampa, Chishimba Kambwili or GBM whom they view as the true owners of the party. This may even be the reason why the party is dillydallying to go for the convention as the top brass probably understands that his of defeating the trio are as impossible as it is for the Camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

In one way or another, Mundubile will be imposed as party president with Given Lubinda relegating to his substantive position as vice president. And we get closer to 2026, there will be a clarion call from within the party for Edgar Chagwa Lungu to step out of retirement and challenge Hichilema. As a matter of fact, some impatient party members have already started chanting they want Lungu back! And being a cunning and sly politician that he is, he will of course insist that he should be left out of politics as he’s enjoying his retirement. And when the time is ripe, he will then pull a quick one!

But where does this leave bo Lubinda whom we earlier said would be eager to move into Plot 1 Independence Avenue should chances allow? You must be a dimwit to believe that bo Lubinda can just wake up one day and forego his presidential ambitions just like that! Ba Lungu has probably assured bo Lubinda that he will just come back to finish off his final term and then pass on the button to bo Lubinda with Mundubile assuming the role as vice president. Who would reject such an offer from a man who has all the resources to his name?

Don’t argue with us, we’ve seen such things happening in Russia……


  1. The indecisiveness of HH has given the criminal PF air to breathe. He should have arrested them all for corruption, but has not, and now they are ganging up against him. This time, they may have the money to take him, given the billions of US dollars they stole from the government while in power. HH is naive, and is going to learn a lesson for his weakness.

  2. We’ve seen that movie before; a sign of a dying party. It happened with UNIP (when KK came out of retirement and pushed aside Kerby Musokotwane) and then MMD (when RB returned from retirement to push aside Nevers Mumba).

    In both cases, the parties died. This ‘honor’ beckons PF now!

  3. U hv a problem for believing that only lawyers ought to be ministers of justice. Anyone with enough common sense and a sense of justice can be minister of justice. It’s the attorney-general who ought to be a lawyer. Edgar Lungu can seek to be PF presidential candidate as long as he wants so his party approves.

    • Yes, former Judges,lawyers or legal men need to be in that ministry…you as a minister need to know what you are talking about and you have to interprete this to public and media…not just cracking jokes like Bo Lubinda whose highest qualification is a Diploma in Agricultural Science.
      As for Lazy Lungu its his right to stand again but he has to make his intentions clear not hiding behind State man badge whilst enjoying taxpayers funds and avoiding arrest.

    • Would you pay K250,000 to stand in an election and just keep quiet not fight your corner or candidture? PF elections are a sham…this why the likes of Sampa have been banned because they are too ambitious and unpredictable.

  4. The UPND obsession with Edgar Chagwa Lungu is sometimes annoying. Instead of doing write-ups on how we sort out the poor road network or the high poverty levels, someone is writing about Edgar coming back to power! So at the moment the UPND’s preoccupation is how to preserve themselves in power, especially against a possible PF takeover? We’re doomed as a nation. There’s no hope.

  5. Don’t talk about things you have no clue on. Why would we reveal our strategies to you. All you should know is that we are on the ground. I see the president often and our conversations are confidential. Hh is insecure and scared

  6. The rabbit is about to be pulled out of the hat! Uwakamusango taleka, whether kusobola, rigging, nepotism…
    Watch this space.

  7. Only the gullible will disagree with this analysis I have never seen Party election where the fee is higher than ECZ’s Presidential nomination fee and you have candidates who are mostly unemployed happy to pay it to participate…funny still choose to keep quiet like pupils waiting for the teacher to commence the lesson.

  8. UPND cadres are scared of former President Lungu’s shadow. Kapinga is merely prompting Pres. ECL to “say something” and raise more accusations, – a tactic to divert Zambians from commenting on the economic & social mess created by the ?NEW DAWN”? PF will resolve its structures next month. People are speculating that the State House environment has been scared of Anthony Bwalya, fearing that he could be stocking a series of misrules destined for exposure to the world at an appropriate time. Kapinga must relax and just advise his boss to FIX the economy and offset impending hunger.

    • Mwansa Kabinga – Leadership is also about nuturing the juniors behind you Lazy Lungu has not got the capacity to do, him coming back would not be progressive for PF especially that he would rule for a single term even him standing again is still debatable especially that he has not got Concourt on his side this time around. Why waste time…the wise thing to do is elect a new person to lead the party and mobilise the party or else PF will disappear like MMD. Lazy Lungu distroyed the foundation of PF and surrounded himself with Yes men and former MMD officials who let’s be frank knew his limitations as a leader that he was very weak.

  9. Lungu cam not come back……….

    That would be gambling his presidential retairment benefits…………

    Lungu also himself knows how he single handedly messed up PF and almost inturn messed up the country……..

    He is not that du.ll…………

    Lungus name keeps comming up because he has the money that PF need to fight for a comeback………

  10. Just like Donald J Trump brings out the Democratic voters in numbers, Lungu’s candidacy brings out the numbers in UPND voters. Because we loathe Lungu to an indescribable degree for all his vices that every majority ( UPND majority) Zambian knows, we will be at the polls waiting…bring him on

  11. Bo “Tarino Orange” pick-up some elements of intelligence to comprehend issues. Mwansa Kabinga was actually emphasizing that PF will soon hold an elective Conference in March to elect a new leader thus resolving its structures. Your cadre Kapinga is tactically enticing Ba Lungu to talk so as to divert people’s national problems on impending hunger – thus getting UPND guys to swarm on Pres. ECL. Please leave Pres. ECL alone.

    • Mwansa Kabinga – Whether Lazy Lungu decides to stand or not or decides to talk ..the previling problems faciing the country will not disappear…people are not stupid. What is there to comprehend ..stupidity?

  12. Asking for the same man who ligalized corruption, cadrism, favoritism, tribalism, nepotism, thuggerism and over borrowed to come and run the country I think Zambians we are not fair . Remember this man people which where killed under his time, personally I can not want this foreign man by the name of Edgar lungu to come back otherwise it can be the biginging of more problems in Zambia.HH in one year stopped cadrism and violence but ba lazy lungu failed to do so in ten years wanted the opposition to help him through condemning violence nosense.

  13. UPND has very much concentrated on PF and they have failed to deliver.Every day they are talking about PF whilst things are getting wase, to be honest things are bad ala better were we came from mmmmmmmm .


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