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Government to consider redesigning bridges, dams – President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema says government will look at the designs of most bridges and dams in the country to ensure they are up to standard and be able to respond to weather situations and reduce floods.

The President said the current designs that were done some time back are no longer serving the intended purpose and need to be reviewed.

He said the new designs include replacing culverts with pillars which will allow water to flow while construction of dams will take into consideration the concept of water harvesting.

The President said this today in Magoye constituency in Mazabuka District where he visited flood victims in the Maguyu camp.

” It is God who has opened the eyes of the government to see that the country needs new bridges, roads and dams that will respond to our current conditions. We will build bridges, dams, ” Mr Hichilema stated.

He said government will build bridges and dams that will help reduce disasters like the ones experienced in Southern province at the right price, quality and delivered on time.

” I have come with experts to assess the situation so that we can come up with the other support that you need,” Mr Hichilema said.

He commended DMMU for their timely response to the flood situation in the province.

“Our hearts are with you, our people. I am here to look first at how you are living and secondly to render support and appreciate what you are going through.” The president comforted the people.

The President also assured the people that government is committed to ensure diseases looming as a result of the floods are averted.

The President commended defence forces for maintaining infrastructure during the floods.

And President Hichilema instructed government institutions to work with other stakeholders in respective districts and serve the people.

Chief Hajalika of Mazabuka District thanked the president for finding time to be with people and seeing what they are going through.

And the President told the affected families he addressed at Maguyu camp that government has heard their cry and their concerns will be presented before cabinet tomorrow so it can further look at other help to be provided.

Magoye MP Mweemba Malambo appealed to the President to all the Food Reserve Agency to open up their grain storage sheds to allow people buy maize grain to avert the hunger situation.

He said most fields have been washed away and the last harvest was also affected by the floods.

District Commissioner, Oliver Mulomba informed the President that about 1, 670 people have been affected in Magoye area and most of them are still not evacuated to safe areas.

Mr Mulomba said DMMU has provided 300 bags of mealie meal, beans, kapenta, cooking oil and blankets to the affected families.

” 80 tents have also been provided and some families are sharing tents because they are not enough, we need more,” Mr Mulomba told the President.

In response the President instructed the ZAF to ensure everyone is evacuated from the flooded areas.

He also said the government is looking at declaring some areas prone to floods as disaster areas so that the affected people can be assisted with health facilities, schools and better bridges.

Magoye member of parliament Mweemba Malambo informed the President that the contractor to work on.10 roads in Magoye constituency will soon mobilise and move on site.

Chikankata Member of Parliament, Jacqualine Sabao said the road network in her constituency has deteriorated and people are finding it difficult to move.

“The three bridges have been washed away. Kasamu Chikankata Road is bad, and farmers are finding it difficult to transport their produce to the market,” she said.

Pemba member of parliament Lameck Hamwaata said his constituency had most of its crop fields washed away last season and people are threatened with hunger.


  1. Being a leader in Zambia is tough. So all the MPs receive all the complaints from their constituents and then MPs also in turn complain to the president. Now the almighty/know it all president has to come up with solutions.

  2. HH is an actor and he tells his camera man when and how to take pictures…..all scripted to full Zambians that he is working….it’s called “photo op”

  3. @Upnd cadre from ngombe
    Its not tough being a leader in Zambia….remember we are dealing with Politicians not Managers or genuine leaders no wonder he is all over the place because he just wants to prove something to his followers…no wonder he moves around with his own cameraman to capture every move…wasting tax payers money acting like he is working

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