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TAZAMA Pipeline Conversion to Refined Diesel on Track, Says Minister of Energy


Hon. Eng. Peter Chibwe Kapala, the Minister of Energy, stated that the conversion of the TAZAMA Pipeline from crude feedstock to refined diesel is progressing well. The TAZAMA Pipeline, which runs from Tanzania to Ndola, has a capacity of 1,100,000 tonnes annually and was constructed in 1968 to transport fuel at an affordable cost.

The Minister emphasized that the New Dawn Government is committed to ensuring a sustainable fuel supply, a crucial aspect of the country’s economic development. To achieve this, the government has undertaken the rehabilitation and reconfiguration of the pipeline to start pumping finished diesel products.

The conversion process began on January 24th, 2023, and the cleaning of the pipeline and storage tanks has already been undertaken. The conversion process is expected to be completed within the first quarter of 2023, and the pipeline will be able to pump 90 million litres of diesel per month. This reliable supply of diesel will result in a reduction in transportation costs of up to 60%, ultimately leading to a reduction in the pump price of diesel.

The Minister also stated that the government will continue working on measures to stabilize and reduce the cost of petroleum products in the country. The conversion of the TAZAMA Pipeline will result in reduced road damage and provide a reliable source of diesel at a reduced cost.

The Minister expressed his confidence in the government’s ability to provide a sustainable and affordable fuel supply, thereby contributing to the country’s economic development. The conversion of the TAZAMA Pipeline is an important step towards achieving this goal.


  1. Kambwili is being persecuted for tribalism as a smokescreen for

    President Hichilema to hide his own naked tribalism

  2. Zambia should have done whatever was possible to use that pipeline fro pumping crude oil instead of refined diesel and petrol as that does not add value to the economy as its refined somewhere…our forefathers who helped create this pipeline had a goal and that was to create skilled employment and add value.

    • Good idea, however, how many jobs have created of destroyed.Where are the chemical engineers being produced by our universities going to work..This is just exporting jobs instead of creating jobs..This 100/0 score!! If baKaunda could come back, he would punish such people who came with such an idea. Any way, the people dealing with the economy of the country were born in the 70s and no respect for history, no wonder that teachere advocated for the removal of history from our curriculum.Indeni came at cost !!! Ba Kaunda and company, hope you have regroupe with fellow patriotic freedom fighter.intercede for this nation!!

    • ROKA – Indeed its very sad …This was the whole idea of Indeni Refinery…we are just increasing jobs in Middle East…we are retrogressing given that we are landlocked country.

  3. Is it possible to construct a pipeline to transport fuel at an unaffordable cost? Vinangu vamene mulemba ba Lipota!!
    Ati: was constructed in 1968 to transport fuel at an affordable cost.

  4. The price of fuel in Zambia will never be stable for longer periods for as long as Indeni remains closed. What stabilizes the price of fuel is the bulk purchase of crude feedstock. Kapala must add to his statement that TAZAMA was built in 1968 by China at a time it couldn’t even keep its citizens warm is harsh Chinese winters. And they followed that up with TAZARA. Are thet Chinese our enemies? That’s not how an exploited behaves. Most of the infrastructure that Zambia can boast about has been built by the Chinese

  5. These guys thought it was as simple as drinking water….. they export power hoping that we were going to accept it without making noise… wrong! Solution is to import, but at what cost?
    Now this! This is unsafe… you will a policeman every ten metres of the pipe line otherwise thieves will have a field day.

  6. There is no such title as Eng. Mu Zambia chabe.
    This is a white elephant. On the one hand they are talking about prices reflective of the international oil price but are also arguing that this will reduce the price. How?
    Because at any given time, the country has enough stock for at least three weeks. Even the monthly review price applies to products which were brought into the country cheaper.

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