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Expedite Presidential directives,Cornelius Mweetwa tells South PS


Southern Province Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa says there is need to expedite the presidential directive to accelerate implementation of developmental projects in the area.

Speaking during the Provincial Development Coordinating Committee PDCC in Choma today Mr Mweetwa re-echoed President Hakainde Hichilema’s directives on accelerated implementation of developmental projects in Health, Education, Water and Sanitation as well as provision of electricity in all rural health centres.

ZANIS reports that the Provincial Minister has directed the office of the Permanent Secretary and all Provincial Heads of Government Departments to ensure speed implementation of directives made by the President during his working festival holiday in the province.

Mr Mweetwa said the Presidential directives are Policy in nature stating that Ward Development Committees (WDCs) should be involved in the implementation.

He has warned that his office will not spare any head of department that will stand in the way of development as doing so will be disobeying orders.

Meanwhile, Southern Province Permanent Secretary, Namani Monze said several meetings and surveys have been conducted following President Hichilema directives.

Dr Monze said he is confident that his team in the province will achieve the intended goals that will in turn improve people’s living standards.


  1. All I smell in this govt is smelly tribalism. Remember that
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