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Opposition Movement Criticizes Dismissal of FRA CEO, Calls for Lasting Solution to High Mealie Meal Prices in Zambia


The termination of the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) Chief Executive Officer, Chola Kafwabulula, has been met with criticism from the opposition Leadership Movement, which says it will not solve the current high mealie meal prices in Zambia. The FRA board terminated Dr. Kafwabulula’s contract yesterday without providing any reasons for the decision.

“There is a need for the UPND administration to find a lasting solution to the mealie meal crisis,” said Party Secretary General Jairos Ngoma during a media briefing. “Recent sentiments by the FRA Board Chairperson Kelvin Hambwezya, urging Zambians to stop depending on Nshima and resort to other foods such as rice, are worrying. Such a statement reveals a lack of production in the system.”

Mr. Ngoma attributed the high mealie meal prices to high ZESCO tariffs and called for the power utility firm to lower tariffs for millers in order to reduce the commodity price. “The present high rise in the commodity price will require ZESCO to find ways it can lower tariffs for millers,” said Mr. Ngoma.

UPND Secretary General Batuka Imenda reassured Zambians that the government, under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema, is working to reduce the cost of mealie meal and other commodities. “The government is working tirelessly to ensure that the cost of mealie meal and other commodities are reduced further,” he said in a statement. “The current adjustment to K160 for breakfast has been necessitated by fundamental economic factors.”

UPND National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso also urged Zambians to be patient with the party as it looks for solutions to the current challenges they are facing. “The UPND government is methodically working at bettering the lives of Zambians, a process which might seem slow but beneficial,” he said. “The UPND government is aware of the challenges Zambians are experiencing, especially the high cost of living, and is already putting measures in place to address the situation.”

“The UPND has not forgotten its campaign promises and is striving at ensuring that all its promises are fulfilled,” assured Mr. Liswaniso. “As can be seen by the creation of employment and various empowerment programs, the UPND is striving to fulfill all its promises.”

The opposition Leadership Movement has called for a lasting solution to the high mealie meal prices in Zambia, while the UPND government is working to address the challenges faced by Zambians.


  1. Do you believe upnd is doing anything to reduce the cost of living. This government has no plans to better the lives of Zambians.

    Dismissing people is not a solution to the high cost of living.

    • Henry those days of allowing non performance and corruption in FRA during your PF era of Lazy Lungu are long gone…deal with it. You know why the cost of living is high but you choose to ignore,

    • 1. Just because you don’t see the results of what the government is doing does not mean they are not doing anything. You may be blinded by hatred and tribalism.
      2. Zambians have for a long time been spoon fed by politicians through provision of free food during campaign.

      3. Why can’t we move to other starches like Potatoes, Sorghum, Millet and Rice? Zambians think that eating Breakfast meal shows a higher status in the society. When reminded that Roller meal is healthier to consume, people become offended .
      It’s high time we either started planting GMO maize seeds to increase production or we changed or dependency on Maize.

  2. Sometimes these brief case parties just criticise I mean what is wrong with stating that Zambia should not be solely relying on Nsima…its a food secruity risk to continue doing so look at our brothers and sisters in West Africa they have rice and fofo which can made from millet, maize, cassava etc….we need to diversify.
    How can reducing tariffs lower costs for Millers…Millers will always find ways to cheat you that they not making profit they have been playing that game for the last 40 years…wake up. Millers need to be more innovative I tell you if they wanted they could reduce but why should they when its a cartel. I remember when Simba Milling can on the market it was best and cheapest.

  3. Taxes are a small slice of food costs usually 8% – 16%, the rest is production,transport,farmers input and profit for retailers.Lets not politicize things that beyond GRZ controls including external int’l economic conditions.

  4. Kafwabulula is a lawyer who knows nothing about agriculture and was employed on tribal lines. Intelligent and competent agriculture experts were such as Dr Anthony Mwanaumo, Dr. Edify Hamukale, Richard Mkonda and many others were hounded out of FRA for no reasons by the Sata admin. This is why this country wont develop because we fear to employ and support honest and competent managers. Kafwabulula was stealing with the likes of Chanda Kabwe, Kenneth Kamba, Permanent Secretary Zgambo and Minister Mike Katambo. Stop the shallow talk if you don’t know how much damage PF did to FRA

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