Thursday, June 13, 2024

Child Drowns in Stagnant Flood Water Body in Kamwala South,


Tragedy struck the Misisi community in Kamwala South, Lusaka when a child drowned in a stagnant floodwater body. The incident occurred when the child, in the company of friends, went to swim in the floodwaters. The news of the death was broken by Kamwala Ward Councillor Mainda Simataa, who expressed his sadness at the tragedy.

“The death of this child is heartbreaking. This area behind the SDA and Mount Meru filling station is a death trap for children and a breeding ground for diseases,” said Councillor Simataa, who learned of the incident during an on-site inspection.

The councillor further revealed that the floods had caused widespread property damage and displaced over 3000 households in Kamwala South. To mitigate the impact of the floods, the Lusaka City Council (LCC) fire brigade had deployed two water pumps and had been pumping flood waters from houses across the ring road into ditches along the ZESCO way leave.

The floods had also led to the temporary closure of Kamwala South Health Post for a week. Lusaka Times team visited the clinic and found it deserted with its buildings still submerged in rainwater. Patients were being turned away and advised to seek medical attention from surrounding communities. However, part of the health staff is squatting at a barbershop and salon across the road, where they are only carrying out measles vaccination for children.

Commenting on the situation, Councillor Simataa noted that his office had engaged the Zambia National Service (ZNS) and other stakeholders to dig up a drainage to connect to the Bombay main drainage beside the ring road. This would help alleviate the effects of flooding in the area.

“Our aim is to ensure that we prevent such tragic incidents from happening again. We want to improve the living conditions of our people, and we cannot do that if our children are losing their lives to floods,” said Councillor Simataa.

The tragic death of the child serves as a wake-up call to the authorities to take action to mitigate the impact of flooding in the area. It is important to put in place measures to protect the lives and properties of the people living in Kamwala South.


  1. Public address system can be borrowed and used to warn residents on the dangers of flood water to both adults and children.

  2. We’re paying this high price for failing to enforce residential housing development laws. It’s entirely our fault. We hv not seen the worst yet. Check the solid rubbish which has clogged the drains where they exist. How can we not hv flooding?

  3. And this guy Simataa was suspended by the NEW DOOM party for helping residents protest against DMMU for their hesitation to attend to the issues.

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