Prioritize competence and objectivity when it comes to economic advice, Sean Tembo Advises HH


Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema has been advised to prioritize competence and objectivity when it comes to economic advice for his government, according to the President of the Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), Mr Sean Tembo. In a statement released on Tuesday, Mr Tembo highlighted the importance of seeking advice from institutions and individuals with a strong track record in providing sound economic advice to the government.

“When you talk about economic advice to Government, there are two key variables to consider; competence and objectivity,” said Mr Tembo. “In Zambia, most individuals and institutions who comment on the economy do not know what they are talking about. If you are incompetent, then it does not matter whether you are objective or not, you are simply not useful.”

He went on to explain that while some institutions and individuals have the technical competence to provide economic advice, they often lack objectivity and are unwilling to speak truth to power. “The majority of individuals and institutions, despite having the technical competence, will either massage their advice too much, in an effort to be politically correct to Govt, or they’ll simply agree with retrogressive Government policy for fear of offending Govt,” said Mr Tembo.

However, Mr Tembo noted that one institution that has consistently demonstrated both competence and objectivity in advising successive governments on economic matters is the Zambia Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR). “Under different Executive Directors starting from the MMD Government to the PF and now the UPND, ZIPAR has consistently and continuously offered solid economic advice which successive Governments have ignored at their own peril,” said Mr Tembo.

ZIPAR, which is partially owned by the Ministry of Finance, has remained objective and competent in providing solid economic advice to the government, despite its affiliation with the government. “The funny thing is that this institution is partially owned by the Ministry of Finance. But despite being affiliated to Government, it has remained astonishingly competent and objective. And successive Governments have remained astonishingly consistent in ignoring its advice on different economic matters,” said Mr Tembo.

Mr Tembo urged President Hichilema to consider seeking advice from ZIPAR on economic matters. “My advice to President Hakainde Hichilema is that when you are done listening to all the noise from different individuals and institutions regarding the economy, take some time to listen to what ZIPAR has to say on a particular economic matter. Trust me, you won’t go wrong,” said Mr Tembo.

The call for competent and objective economic advice is critical for Zambia’s economic growth and development. The country has been struggling with economic challenges for a long time, including high levels of debt, inflation, and unemployment. As the new government takes charge, it is important for them to consider all available resources to address these challenges.

“Competent and objective economic advice is crucial for the government to make informed decisions that will lead to sustainable economic growth and development,” said Mr Tembo. “I hope that President Hichilema will take this advice seriously and consider seeking advice from institutions and individuals with a strong track record in providing sound economic advice to the government.”


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