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Two Individuals Wanted for Attempting to Illegally Sell Lusaka’s Public Play Park


The attempted sale of public amenities by Gift Kaoma and Emmanuel Mumba has caused outrage in Lusaka. The two individuals have been identified by the Anti-Corruption Commission as having illegally obtained title deeds for several of the city’s public play parks, which they then attempted to sell.

The Lusaka City Council has reported the matter to law enforcement agencies, and the Commissioner of Lands has been requested to cancel the title deeds that were issued fraudulently. In addition, the Zambia Police has been requested to secure the public property and arrest the culprits involved.

According to reports, the two individuals were found in possession of forged recommendation Offer Letters, which were dated 19th August 2021. The letters claimed that the Planning and Information Management System Committee of the Lusaka City Council sat on 20th May 2020 and approved the allocation of public play parks to the duo.

However, the Lusaka City Council has stated that its records show that at no time did the council ever sit to discuss, allocate, approve, or offer the public play parks to the duo. The Council has made it clear that these amenities belong to the public and cannot be sold or converted for personal gain.

The public play parks that Gift Kaoma and Emmanuel Mumba attempted to sell are Fischer Play Park on Stand No. LUS/619, Pererinyatwa Road, Rhodespark, issued to Emmanuel Mumba, Church Road Play Park located on Stand No. LUS/606, issued to Gift Kaoma, and Kalungu Play Park- Northmead which is on Stand No. LUS/1907.

The attempted sale of these public amenities has sparked outrage in the community, with many people expressing their anger and disappointment. The public play parks are important amenities that provide a space for children to play and families to spend time together.

The Lusaka City Council has assured the public that it is taking this matter seriously and will ensure that the culprits are brought to justice. The council has also urged members of the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity related to public amenities.

The sale of public amenities is a serious offense that undermines the integrity of public institutions and harms the community. The Lusaka City Council’s swift action in reporting this matter to law enforcement agencies is a positive step towards ensuring that justice is served and the public amenities are protected for the benefit of all.


  1. PF crroks at the end of the road in thievery. Given Lubinda too sold a paly ground in Chilenje/Kamwala along Chilimbulu road. His today,s admission of receiving $189000 from Chinese is another evidence that ALL PF chaps are thieves . This fact will never change with very few exceptions.

  2. No those title deeds were not forged. But bought from a corrupt person working within the ministry of Lands department of title deeds. This man is a monster and a criminal.

  3. I have complained about the same in Ndola numerous times. Noone listens to me. They have sold of parks in the city from MMD’s era. Crimes dont die. Anti-Corruption Commission Investigate Ndola City council. These scandals are all over.

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