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President Hichilema fulfills electoral promise on meal allowance, NAQEZ commends


The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has commended the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, for fulfilling his electoral promise of reinstating the meal allowance for eligible students in selected public universities. The organization expressed its delight at the news that eligible students have now received their meal allowance, noting that this gesture will make economic, academic, and social lives easier for vulnerable students who have been struggling at universities.

NAQEZ further noted that the government is providing a lot of financial support to public universities, and this commitment will help to stabilize higher education institutions. If this trend continues, NAQEZ predicts harmonious working relationships between workers and management teams in these institutions, leading to fewer disruptions in academic calendars and increased productivity in universities. Stability in the lives of universities is good for national development, and NAQEZ is optimistic that the positive trend will continue.

In addition to the reinstatement of meal allowances, NAQEZ has called on the government to extend its commitment to other critical projects in the education sector, such as the construction of the King Lewanika University in Mongu, the FTJ University in Mansa, and hostels at the University of Zambia. These projects have been stalled, and it is critical for the government to attend to them as quickly as possible.

NAQEZ’s commendation comes at a time when President Hichilema’s administration has been making concerted efforts to revitalize the education sector in Zambia. In his inaugural speech in August 2021, the President pledged to prioritize education and improve access to quality education for all Zambians. The reinstatement of the meal allowance is a significant step in fulfilling this promise, and NAQEZ is hopeful that the positive trend will continue.

The reinstatement of the meal allowance is a significant achievement for the Hichilema administration, and NAQEZ’s commendation is a testament to the positive impact of this policy. The government’s commitment to revitalizing the education sector is a welcome development, and NAQEZ is optimistic that more progress will be made in the future.


  1. waiting for the civil servants couple transfers. the president wants civil servants couples spouses to be reunited with their spouses.

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