ZAMMSA clarifies reports of missing medical equipment in Lusaka


The Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) has issued a statement clarifying the recent reports of stolen medical equipment from their warehouse in Lusaka. According to ZAMMSA Director General Billy Mweetwa, the equipment in question was not stored at a ZAMMSA warehouse, but rather at an offsite location due to expansion works being carried out at the central warehouse.

However, Mr. Mweetwa did confirm that another incident involving missing medical equipment was reported at the same facility, and investigations into the matter are ongoing. He emphasized that ZAMMSA is taking the matter very seriously and will update the public once investigations have been concluded.

Despite the clarification from ZAMMSA, some concerned citizens have questioned whether the agency is hiding something, and are calling on investigative agencies to look into the matter more thoroughly. They also pointed out that the stolen equipment was quite valuable, with a reported worth of K1.6 million, and hope that the investigative agencies will take the matter seriously and work to recover the missing equipment.

In the meantime, ZAMMSA has assured the public that arrangements have been made to distribute the remaining equipment, valued at over K20 million, to health facilities immediately. The agency continues to cooperate with investigative agencies to determine the facts of the matter and ensure the safety of the medical equipment.


  1. Inside job. It’s easy to catch the criminals if they’re not working as a syndicate. No one has been held responsible for the missing ARVs worth USD30M. That’s how destructive syndicates are

  2. Did ZAMMSA have to wait until some equipment was stolen for them to start distribution equipment to health centres? This is grossly inefficient and explains why we have a big problem in the Ministry of Health.

  3. So, ZAMMSA has an offsite location where the equipment was stolen and its not ZAMMSA’s fault, concern or even worry about loss of money’s value of the equipment. ZAMMSA should pay for being careless in the loss of the equipment that belongs to Zambians. To day Zambians would believe as an inside job of theft by ZAMMSA officials.

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