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Government is currently undertaking curriculum to ascertain what needs to be changed


The government has disclosed that it is currently undertaking curriculum reforms so as to ascertain what needs to be modified and changed in the next curriculum.

Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Joel Kamoko says the Ministry has started the curriculum evaluation with the view to examine whether or not the ‘AIMS and OUTCOMES’ of the curriculum have been met.

Mr Kamoko said this during the official opening of the Inception International Experts Meeting on Designing and Developing the UNESCO Curriculum Resource.

He highlighted that the evaluation of the curriculum will also include assessment of learners to ascertain their pass rate and levels of success.

“I am delighted to be part of this meeting especially that Zambia is undertaking its Curriculum Reform. We have started with the Curriculum evaluation and review to ascertain what worked, what did not work, what needs to be modified and changed for the next time the curriculum is run,” he said.

Mr Kamoko stressed that the curriculum resource pack to be developed will be used as an instrument for guiding the transformation of the teaching and learning in the country.

He has since thanked UNESCO for the support being rendered to government in developing the curriculum as it will go a long way in strengthening the capacity of learning institutions.

And speaking earlier, UNESCO Chair on Mathematics, Science and Technology Teacher Education for Sustainable Development, Overson Shumba said there is a need to build capacity for teachers.

Prof. Shumba noted that this will enable teachers to effectively implement what will be contained in the consolidated curriculum.

He further reviewed that the Copperbelt University is leading and conducting the development of the new curriculum.

Prof. Shumba said the curriculum will among other things seek to address challenges such as climate change and COVID-19 which has greatly affecting learners.


  1. They will change the curriculum to include topics on how great hh is. They want to indoctrinate your children to support that f00l

  2. Careful with UNESCO. They were instrumental in the development of school curriculums for post-colonial states in Africa. What did they recommend in the 1960s? This history should be available so that we know where we hv come from.

  3. Has this review been prompted by UNESCO? This will determine the direction and outcome of the review. Zambia’s biggest challenge after poor infrastructure is a lack of skills among the youth. Please consult the Chamber of Mines, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, National Farmer’s Union, Manufacturer’s Association, Tourism Association, and other such stakeholders. You may wish to consult traditional leaders as well. Please expunge the comprehensive sex education from the curriculum. Sexuality isn’t among Zambia’s top challenges. Youth empowerment funds are failing to have the desired impact due to a lack of skills.

  4. Curricular review are an important part of the education system. However they must be done professionally using laid down procedure. In this country the CDC (not sure what it’s called now) has this responsibility. But of late the crucial role of this dept has been overlooked. We have been in situations where the curricular is changed without the main stakeholders knowing what has happened and there are no resources to implement the new curricular. This is mainly due to hurried decisions like what is being done now. Changing curricular needs research, reviews and communication with stakeholders. Imagine having a new curricular with no textbooks. This has happened before.

    • Where was CDC ( Curriculum Development Centre) whn the comprehensive sexuality education was being smuggled into the classrooms of Zambian children? It seems the same happened in Tanzania. UNESCO would never be allowed to define school curricula in the West as that would lead to rejection by voters of any government that would do that.

  5. Unlike the old zpc current curricula is full of iniquities and highly unbalanced against the rural child
    The exam council seem to have lost direction with the manner it structures the assessment tools

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