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Government urged to Prepare for Cyclone Freddy’s Potential Devastation


Opposition Leader Brian Mundubile Urges Government to Prepare for Cyclone FreddyAs Cyclone Freddy looms over the Indian Ocean, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Brian Mundubile, has called on the Zambian Government to prepare adequately for the potentially devastating effects of the cyclone. Mr. Mundubile, who is also the Presidential candidate for the Patriotic Front (PF), has warned that the cyclone could cause heavy rains and result in food shortages, damage to infrastructure, and loss of human life.

In a statement released on Thursday, Mr. Mundubile urged the Zambian Government to step up its efforts in providing adequate information to citizens to raise awareness of the potential challenges posed by Cyclone Freddy. He also called on the Government to put measures in place to mitigate the damage that could result from the cyclone.

“It is in the public domain that Cyclone Freddy is projected to cause heavy rains in the Southern African region, and there are serious concerns about the impact this could have on the people of Zambia,” Mr. Mundubile said. “I urge the Government to provide adequate information to citizens so that they can prepare themselves for the potential challenges of Cyclone Freddy.”

“My view is that our leaders should pay more attention to Cyclone Freddy,” he continued. “Most of the Zambian people, especially those from Eastern, Southern and Central Provinces of Zambia, would be affected. Even for His Excellency the President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, needs to spend more time in the country to attend to the challenges that people face, of which Cyclone Freddy would be one of them.”

Cyclones and other extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common in the region due to climate change, and there is growing concern that governments in Southern Africa are ill-prepared to deal with their effects. As such, it is critical that the Zambian Government heeds Mr. Mundubile’s call to prepare for Cyclone Freddy to minimize the potential damage to human life and infrastructure.

“I fear that Cyclone Freddy could result in food shortages, damage to infrastructure, and cause devastation to human life,” Mr. Mundubile said. “It is important that the Government takes this threat seriously and puts measures in place to mitigate the damage that could result from the cyclone.”

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