Thursday, June 13, 2024

Zambia makes strides in fighting violence and caderism


President Hakainde Hichilema says the country has recorded positive strides in the fight against violence and caderism.

President Hichilema said violence and cadarism in the country has been tremendously controlled.

The Head of State said this today at Parliament buildings during his address to the nation on the progress made in the Application of National Values and Principles.

Mr Hichilema observed that the Lusaka Intercity Bus Terminus was previously controlled by carders but now people are operating freely.

“This intercity bus station you are seeing was full of carders. This administration made sure that sanity is brought back and this is what we have done,” he said.

President Hichilema added that violence has also been reduced in the country as opposed to how it was previously.

He observed that years back, guns and bullets were all over and some lives were lost.

“We saw this during by elections and hearing of some court cases. People lost lives and this administration worked around the clock and ensured that violence in the country is reduced. And am happy to report that his has been achieved,“ he said.

The President said tribalism is also one area that government will not tolerate and condone as it has potential affect the country’s national development.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema arrived at Parliament buildings at exactly 09:27 hours this morning and was received by Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti and some Service Chiefs among other senior government officials.

The Speaker then led the President to the signing of the visitor’s book and thereafter proceeded to the chamber where he addressed the nation.

While giving his address, President Hichilema called on all stakeholders such as the church, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and others to come on board and help in the application of national values in the country.

“Am calling upon all stakeholders to come and board and help the country in the application of national values and principles,” he appealed.


  1. If lungu had carried on as president…………

    Zambia was on track to being like
    Congo DR……….

    Zambians are very lucky to get rid of lungu……….

  2. Is this what you call an achievement when you promised economic development and heaven on earth. 2026 is close by. You will be shown the door.

  3. Is this bad journalism on LT OR is it poor communication by HH? Or both??
    How can the whole presidential address be reduced to just “fighting violence and caderism”.
    No words about Corruption? No words on Economical Growth?
    No words on what Zambians should expect in the next days?
    This is so empty, who is to blame??

  4. Only party members see caderism… PF will see Upnd violence and vice versa.
    We need food on our tables not speeches.

    • Fhoolish you think when we talk about food we talk about free food. We work hard long hours just to buy a bag of mealie and here you are talking rubbish.

    • That’s why I said it depends on which side one is talking from… Upnd are in charge of the powers and tools so they can’t see the violence .

  5. We’re waiting for you to arrest those that killed Bembas in Southern province in January 2015 and August 2016 after you lost elections to Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

  6. Mr president you are using wrong tools to fight cadrerism , let me give you the right tools to fight this vice . 1. recreate the industry for the youths to work in , i say recreate industry because you were a part to privatisation that killed industry .2. reduce lending rates from banks so that small scale businesses can borrow money to expand their businesses to employ the youths roaming the streets .
    3 pay zambian suppliers of to the government so that they can continue in their businesses with their workers .
    If you cannot do this then you are just joking because cadrerism in it self is employement to the un employed youths .


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