Saturday, June 22, 2024

AID Justice International Commends President Hichilema’s Fight Against Corruption While Urging Action on Other Governance Issues


President Hichilema’s recent move to fight corruption has been welcomed by Aid Justice International executive director, Dr. Philemon Phiri. However, he has also raised concerns about other governance issues that need attention from the government.

Dr. Phiri said, “President Hichilema’s commitment to fighting corruption is commendable, and it should be supported by all well-meaning Zambians. However, we need to ensure that other aspects of governance are given equal attention.”

He added, “The UPND administration must not follow in the footsteps of the previous Patriotic Front-PF administration, which oppressed political opponents through prolonged detention without trial among other vices. We need to see beneficial policies such as a public order act, access to information bill, and the upholding of human rights.”

Dr. Phiri emphasized the need for the government to address the issue of prolonged arrests of opposition political leaders without charge. He said, “The civil society movement will not allow Zambia to be run the way it was during the previous Patriotic Front government. We need to ensure that the government is accountable and transparent in all its dealings.”

During his speech to the second session of the Thirteenth National Assembly, President Hichilema made it clear that there will be no sacred cows in the fight against corruption. He stated, “No one is above the law, and everyone who has engaged in corrupt activities will face the consequences.”

President Hichilema’s swift action against corruption has been hailed as a positive step towards restoring the country’s economy. He has shown that he is willing to take tough action against those who engage in corrupt activities.

In response to the President’s speech, Dr. Phiri said, “We welcome President Hichilema’s commitment to fighting corruption. It is a positive step towards restoring the country’s economy. We hope to see more of this kind of action from the government in the future.”

Dr. Phiri concluded, “We are watching and waiting to see how the government will address other governance issues. We hope to see improvements in all areas of governance, including the protection of human rights and the upholding of the rule of law.”


  1. You are a f00l Dr. Phiri. Which corruption is Hakainde fighting.

    It’s only f00lz like you who can’t see corruption in upnd.

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