Monday, June 24, 2024

Government launches initiative to promote justice


The Ministry of Justice has today launched the enabling access to justice, civil society participation and transparency (ENACT) European Union co-funding initiative.

The aim of the initiative is to accelerate the transformation impact of promoting access to justice, the rule of law and fighting corruption in Zambia.

Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary, Mwenya Bwalya, thanked the European Union and the Germany government for accepting to fund the ENACT programme.

Ms Bwalya said the support rendered to the Zambian government will go a long way in enhancing access to justice especially for the vulnerable people in society.

She said justice and the rule of law are important components of good governance.

Ms Bwalya further disclosed that government has prioritized enhancing access to justice for the vulnerable groups.

The Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary added that more needs to be done to increase access to legal services for vulnerable persons.

Ms Bwalya expressed optimism that the launch of the ENACT programme will increase funding to programmes targeted at improving access to legal services and good governance.

And speaking at the same event, Germany Embassy Head of Development Cooperation, Bernhard Trautner, said the launch of the ENACT programme is of great importance as it seeks to strengthen access to justice, human rights and the rule of law.

Mr Trautner explained that the programme will also cement the long relations that exist between Zambia and Germany.

He disclosed that the Germany government prioritises the promotion of human rights, rule of law and the fight against corruption.

Mr Trautner is happy that the support from Germany and the European Union is yielding tangible results in Zambia as evidenced from the increased numbers of vulnerable persons accessing legal services.

He said the number of persons who received legal services has increased from 9,000 in 2017 to 16,000 in 2021.

Mr Trautner said the increase in the groups of people receiving legal aid services amplifies the impact of the cordial relations that Zambia and Germany enjoy.


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