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Mines Minister warns all those engaging in Illegal Mining


Mines and Minerals Development Minister, Paul Kabuswe, has issued a stern warning to all those engaging in illegal mining activities, regardless of their political affiliation . Kabuswe also warned individuals who claim to have authority from the First Lady Mutinta Hichilema and some government officials to conduct illegal mining, to immediately halt their activities. According to Kabuswe, the First Lady has no interest in any mine in Zambia.

During an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka, Kabuswe revealed that the New Dawn administration is making every effort to clean the mining cadastre in order to eliminate the duplication of mining licenses . Illegal mining has been a major concern in Zambia, and the government has been taking measures to put a stop to it.

In a separate interview, Central Province Minister Credo Nanjuwa called upon District Commissioners and other senior government officials to partner with his office in order to clamp down on illegal mining activities in the province . Nanjuwa acknowledged that there is rampant illegal mining in Mkushi and other areas in Central Province.

The issue of illegal mining has become a matter of great concern for the government, especially in light of the damage it causes to the environment, loss of revenue, and safety hazards to the miners . Therefore, the government has been implementing measures to combat illegal mining, and the Mines and Minerals Development Minister’s warning is just one of many steps taken to address the issue.

As a result, it is important for everyone involved in mining activities to ensure they operate within the legal framework and obtain the necessary permits to avoid facing the full force of the law. The government is determined to clean up the mining sector and ensure that only those with legitimate licenses are allowed to mine in Zambia .

The government is determined to address the issue of illegal mining in Zambia, and the warning issued by Mines and Minerals Development Minister Paul Kabuswe serves as a reminder to all involved in mining activities that they must operate within the legal framework. It is essential for all stakeholders to comply with the law to avoid facing the full force of the law. The government’s efforts to clean up the mining sector will go a long way in ensuring sustainable mining practices in Zambia.


  1. Its 2023 and we still have ministers issuing stern warnings like teachers at a primary school…the fact that he is warning says that he has been turning a blind eye all along to illegatily.

  2. How is this tool not involved in the mining scandle when his PS has been fired? Its either he is too dull or the President is scarificed the PS and is protecting him.

  3. Surely Paul you cannot say you had no idea about the Sujilite and its operations.
    It will also be difficult to understand if the PS for Luapula had no knowlede if his deputy and DCs were involved. May even Mutale knows something. The truth will come out.

  4. Shocking indeed! They continue where PF left-off! Ministry/Investigative journalists MUST publish all mining licence holders per province and their mine names. With that in the hand EACH provincial minister MUST verify the list for their province( even involve ZSSIS!) and report within 30 days to Preisdent who must act! Anyone without a licence ku wire!! This is how Lonrho blind-folded KK!! Stop messing about, these resources belong to ALL zambians fulustop!! eish, what a country!!

  5. The dismissal of the PS has sent shivers in the whole MMMD because he was a selfless professional. He’s got many sympathizers. Unfortunately that’s the nature of such positions. Sometimes you get dismissed unceremoniously. He’s got a rich CV he can get a job anytime anywhere as long as there isn’t political persecution.

    • I’m surprised that Mooya can be implicated in something like this. Even at MSD is the person we relied on to attend to our needs without bias.

    • He’s been sacrificed. He’s known for being honest everywhere he’s worked. The losers are those that fired him

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