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New Dawn Administration dispels insinuations about Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway


The United Party for National Development (UPND) has expressed concern about the high levels of misinformation surrounding the recently signed concession agreement for the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway between the Government of the Republic of Zambia and Macro Ocean Investment Limited. The opposition party has accused the government of allowing the contractor to collect all the revenue realized from the toll-gates for 22 years, a claim that has been refuted by the New Dawn Administration.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, a political consultant in the office of the Secretary General, Mark Simuuwe, advised the opposition and its surrogates to avoid pushing a wrong narrative as it has the potential to harm the economy. He explained that the revenue realized from the toll fees shall be shared between the government and the engaged contractor during the 22-year concession period. He added that the government had no capacity to do a road of such magnitude amid a serious debt which the previous government struggled to negotiate.

Mr. Simuuwe further intimated that the Patriotic Front (PF) intended to borrow US$2 billion to work on the same road but changed their mind after being criticized that the money was too much and later renegotiated downwards to US$1.250 billion. He said the New Dawn Administration believed in prudence in its fiscal management, hence renegotiating the contract sum further down to US$577 million in line with its campaign promises, given the country’s debt position and economic fragility.

The Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway serves as the main link between the main Copper producing regions of the Copperbelt and North Western provinces and the sea. Mr. Simuuwe said it would be folly for the UPND and its government to allow a contractor to get all the revenue realized from the toll fees for 22 years at the expense of national development, assuring citizens to retain faith in the government as it works at stabilizing the economy.

The New Dawn Administration has promised to avail the country with details on how proceeds from the toll fees will be shared once the 36-month project is completed with anticipated increased traffic flow and reduced road fatalities.


  1. Why is it difficult to publish the concession agreement. Dispel all the rumours with facts.

    Why has it been difficult by upnd and oval head to publish agreements in the interest of Zambians.

    Dispel and expose your opponents with facts please. People well respect your government if you are going to Dispel anything with facts.

    • Who can believe this nonsense?
      They told us mealie meal will be cheaper-LIE
      They told us Fertiliser will be cheaper-LIE
      They told us the dollar will be cheaper-LIE
      They told us fuel will be cheaper-LIE
      And today they are telling us the Ndola- Lusaka road will be cheaper. Can you believe them????WENYEEEEE!!!

    • @Kagame Im sure youre comparing him with yourself. Noone in Africa can clean up a country like you have done. They only come to State house to make money. To clean up a country the president has to have a positive passion for the nation

  2. Mark Simuwe is a party functionay so he’s not in a position to talk about government issues. The PF used to deny every accusation labeled against them but time came when they no longer controlled government. Please note that nothing can hide under the sun. Your time will come.

  3. Some senior members of the UPND have a very bad record when it comes to dealing with people’s pensions. We’re very worried that NAPSA has been included in this deal. Our fear is that what happened to BP employees’ pensions might happen to NAPSA members

  4. It’s 2023 and our government haven’t yet figured out how to build a road? Ushe ku sikulu muyendelako chani?

  5. Given the current state of Zambian public finances, we hv much to be thankful for that a contract this big has been facilitated by government. The critics do not know what they’re talking about.

    • When a government is as broke as ours is, ordinarily there would be no contracts of this size that would be executed and it would be doom and gloom everywhere. That it has been signed is something to cheer about.

    • Gunner+in+Zambia. I don’t expect you to agree with me. Next time your party tells that sewer material is good, you will support with so much reasons.

  6. I’m afraid the involvement of Napsa may just cause the institution to collapse… it’s an insinuation but a possibility.

  7. When one see of the cooments that are regularly written, I am really questioning the intellegence of the majority of LT readership.
    Many of the comments are written by people who are ignorant, naive, small minded, idle and clearly do not understand how business operate in the real world. in other words they have become accustomed to dealing with bush politicians like Lungu and his corrupt mob.
    I pity them

  8. PF paid 30 million dollars for a road not done on this same Great North Road. But PF mwandi enze navochitika

  9. The opposition party has accused the government of allowing the contractor to collect all the revenue realized

  10. Is there a possibility that Zambians with business ventures could partner, back and help the Chinese to secure,undertake and Accomplish this project and later share the profit.

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